Grayling Nomenclature

Please note that it is now illegal to refer to Chris Grayling as “baldie” on social media.

(Aside:  The following words and phrases remain acceptable descriptions of Grayling:  Clackwanker; tosser; ratnipple; liar; moonman; pickpocket; brainless; anus; fraudster; clown; illusionist; conman; thief; neanderthal; evil; ballsack; arse biscuit; venal; ploppy; drunk; gangster; saboteur; tory; flaccid; fart gatherer; slimey; sleazy; tosspot; smeg collector; slappable; kickable; whackable; putrid; fetid; rotten; grotesque; inhuman, and gimp.)

Grayling Nomenclature

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