Why the Charleston AME Church Shooting was not a “hate crime”

Media Diversified

Solange Knowles Tweet saying: Where can we be safe? Where can we be black?

By @KojoTheLibSoc

Dylann Roof’s bloody slaughter of nine Black church attendees should not be called a “hate crime”. To sit in a church for an hour before opening fire on its constituents because they simply exist is a calculated act of awesome terror. But this was not any church, it took place in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the site of the first independent Black denomination in the US. One of its founders, Denmark Vesey, a former enslaved Black man, was executed for planning what would have been America’s largest slave revolt. The symbolism of killing of Clementa Pinckney, the current Church leader and youngest ever elected African-American South Carolina State Senator is stark.

When the authorities called this evil event, a “hate crime”, it was a relegation, a reduction of the significance of the horror. Many have compared the response to this incident to the response to…

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Why the Charleston AME Church Shooting was not a “hate crime”

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