Trident – A full in-depth considered analysis

Here I provide a complete analysis of Trident.

Military use

The British capitalist government has Trident missiles equipped with nuclear warheads that are launched from submarines.  They are utterly useless in armed conflict as all they do is invite a huge attack.


The sole purpose of these missiles is to provide a mechanism for taxes to be diverted into the grasping hands of arms manufacturers, particularly the infamous Lockheed Martin.  Claims by both the British government and the GMB trades’ union that retention (and upgrade) of Trident provides thousands of jobs are wholly vacuous arguments as the same workforce and costs could be used to build or operate something useful.


Militarily and economically, Trident is absolutely useless.

Trident – A full in-depth considered analysis

3 thoughts on “Trident – A full in-depth considered analysis

  1. Think the question should be under what circumstances would he kill millions of people and have millions of his own people killed in return?
    It is far too easy for people to refer to the slaughter of millions as “Pressing the red button” without addressing the consequences of the action, it is similar to the “collateral damage” that covers up the slaughter of innocents in government actions abroad.

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