The Bow

On Sunday 8th November this year the whole world was privileged to observe the current prime minister of the UK bending so far forward at the cenotaph that he looked like he was preparing to attempt to fellate himself.  Perhaps, he had temporarily lost balance, or maybe he’d dropped his pen.  He quickly regained his composure and returned to the ranks of politicians preparing to lay their wreaths.  How Mr. Cameron must have admired the polished performance by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn whose respectful bow and general demeanor were perfect.  Cameron would surely have reflected on the sharp difference in the maturity of his and Corbyn’s respective bows of reverence when he guzzled and scoffed at a VIP reception soon afterward while Corbyn stayed out in the rain to applaud the veterans’ parade and chat to the old soldiers.


Showing  that it has learnt nothing from the ongoing Hillsborough inquiry, Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun “newspaper” scoffed unashamedly at a concept of honest reporting and instead delivered another infamous front page wherein “reporter” Lynn Davidson claims that Jeremy Corbyn did not bow at the cenotaph.  Every time the newspapers of the elite attack the new Labour leader it is a clear revelation of their fear.  As I said elsewhere, (Don’t Mind The Gap), Corbyn is not a socialist messiah or warrior, but he is tending away from the current prevailing belief in ineluctable exploitation by capitalist financial gangsters, and that scares the exploiters enough for them to crap themselves daily, so they hit out at him like a toddler demanding attention.

Remembrance Sunday continues each year to honour those who lost lives or were seriously injured in a multitude of wars in which Britain played a role over the last hundred years.  Its recent politicisation and use as a judgement tool are not welcome.  A consequence of the smothering infusion of politics and the mob-mentality regarding strict observance of all associated protocols, however arbitrary, has been a growth of cynicism.  Many now glance at the ever-expanding remembrance activities, both in length and quantity, disdainfully.  This is a shame, but the growing cynicism is understandable.  However, Jeremy Corbyn is no cynic; he is, as ever, consistent.

A lot has been said and written about the Remembrance Day.  The following are some of the most intelligent pieces.

  • Veteran Joe Glenton understands the cynicism but knows why the remembrance exists and how it has been infiltrated: Joe Glenton.
  • Max Freeman gives an account of willingness to be subservient to authority and a pacifist’s view of remembrance: Max Freeman
  • The British Republican Blog highlights the hypocrisy of members of the royal family with respect to war: British Republican Blog

Remembrance Day should be whatever you want it to be.  No protocol demands and no cynicism.  Now, I’m off to continue preparations for the Easter Rising centenary.  Occupying a post office near you, soon.


The Bow

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