Disgusting Pantomime

As expected, a majority of MPs in the House of Commons voted for RAF air strikes at ISIS targets in Syria.  The government was not legally obliged to have a commons vote in order for military action to be taken, but such votes seem to be the current practice.

Given the lack of necessity of the vote combined with its known result, the long, long “debate” between MPs was just an absurd, embarrassing and disgusting pantomime.  A few MPs tried to present solid military reasons for air strikes and others presented good arguments why the strikes would be ineffective and/or counter productive.  However, most of the discourse and interchanges were petulant, spectacularly uniformed, dishonest, spiteful and ludicrous.  Baying, laughing grotesques on the Tory benches were matched by supercilious pomposity-overloads from some Labour elite, especially the relics of the Blair government.  Insults were traded in the schoolyard, the tone having been set by the prime minister’s jibe that opponents to air strikes are “terrorist sympathisers”.  British democracy at its worst.

The people of Syria now have yet another country with massive bombs and missiles that it is about to drop on them.  I hope those Syrian people did not have to see the awful behaviour in the House of Commons, that was topped off by sickening cheering when the result of the vote was announced.

Disgusting Pantomime

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