Liberal media so keen on UKIP victory in Oldham

(Update: Labour won by-election by a large margin)

Today’s by-election in Oldham West constituency should be a comfortable victory for Labour’s un-opinionated candidate (and local council leader) Jim McMahon.  McMahon is a functionary who enjoys having his photo taken next to objects of no significance, like taxis covered in grass.

The liberal media of the Guardian, Independent and New Statesman are using the by-election as an opportunity to act upon the horror they have for what a Corbyn-led Labour might achieve.  Nothing scares their precious souls more than the possibility that socialism might appear in the politics of Britain.  Such is their fear that they are keen to promote UKIP in this election.  That party’s candidate is the hapless bankrupt John Bickley, who has no campaign strategy other than to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being unpatriotic and who has a history of bizarre outbursts on climate change, Bickley’s Climate.  UKIP is a filthy mob, owned by a handful of offshore millionaires and positioned politically to the right of the Tories that presents itself entirely dishonestly to the electorate.  For the liberal media luvvies to side-step the appalling pro-prejudice, bigotry, racism and lies of UKIP in order to attack Corbyn is very revealing of how terrified they are of what may ensue as a result of Corbyn’s increasing popularity.

Of course, these liberal types cannot brazenly express their support for UKIP so they do so via an invention.  A common facet they all share is an acute snobbery towards the perceived intelligence of working-class people, particularly northerners.  Thus, they look down their noses at the people of Oldham and depict them as easily led by the UKIP con.

Helen Pidd and Rafael Behr, (both Guardian) and Stephen BushTim Wigmore and George Eaton, (all New Statesman), have copied from the same template and followed the same instructions.  Key aspects of their creations are:

  • Do not challenge UKIP candidate on policy or political stance
  • Claim that Corbyn is too middle-class and London-centric for northern working-class voters, conveniently ignoring the fact that no party is more middle-class than UKIP, and that UKIP’s “people’s party” rhetoric is a downright lie
  • Emphasise the supposed appeal of UKIP as being anti-political establishment, despite the fact that this con is exposed regularly
  • Find a disgruntled troublesome Labour MP to back up the your argument
  • Claim, without evidence, analysis or reason, that white working-class people have a tendency to be anti-immigrant, pro-war and generally prone to UKIPping
  • Ask enough locals so that eventually you can put a name to the view you wish to promote

The acute snobbery is a useful tool to allow the liberal media to easily imagine that northern towns are full of people desperate to support a gang of drunken bankrupt bigots, but the real motivation for these writers is to do anything and say anything to try to disrupt growing support for Corbyn.  He isn’t a socialist revolutionary, but he is tending toward a challenge to capitalist exploitation and the liberal (small ‘l’) media fear socialism much more than they fear racism, bigotry and stupidity.


Liberal media so keen on UKIP victory in Oldham

One thought on “Liberal media so keen on UKIP victory in Oldham

  1. […] The bizarre oft-repeated description in the media of Farage having ‘charisma’ and being a ‘good orator,’ despite all of his speeches and interviews being a concoction of lies and incoherent non sequiturs, is a willing contributor to the false presentation of UKIP as an effective and irresistable force.  (He is so inept at the consistency of his arguments that even if he throws a dead cat on the table it can be proven in minutes that he ran over the cat himself.)  Equally, the liberal media’s concern that “working-class” voters are attracted to UKIP is just hope rather than analysis because the liberal media fears a rise of real socialist support much more than it fears ugly right-wing support.  For, example, liberal media commentary ahead of the by-election in Oldham last year (won comfortably by Labour) was shameless cheer-leading for UKIP: Liberal media on UKIP. […]

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