Henry Jackson Society

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“The Henry Jackson Society is a cross-partisan, British-based think-tank. Our founders and supporters are united by a common interest in fostering a strong British and European commitment towards freedom, liberty, constitutional democracy, human rights, governmental and institutional reform and a robust foreign, security and defence policy and transatlantic alliance.”

The Henry Jackson Society (HJS) is an extremist imperialist pressure group that promotes the complete hegemony of capitalist exploitation backed by military force.  The HJS executes the inter-connected tasks of aggressive attacks on any political viewpoint, activity or movement that does not stick rigidly to acceptance of capitalist control alongside a gleeful demand for greater and greater government funding of the military.  Keeping the welfare system for the arms industry well-oiled is the main objective of the HJS.  (Welfare system for arms industry)

The Statement of Principles of the HSJ elucidates, with blatant arrogance and aggression, a modern colonialist attitude that updates, but doesn’t refine, the violent European colonialism of the 19th century.  Three of these principles combined (nos. 3, 6 and 7 on HSJ statement and reproduced below) make clear that the HJS is a PR lobbying group for violent military action against any state that does not conform to capitalist control.

  • [The HSJ] supports the maintenance of a strong military, by the United States, the countries of the European Union and other democratic powers, armed with expeditionary capabilities with a global reach, that can protect our homelands from strategic threats, forestall terrorist attacks, and prevent genocide or massive ethnic cleansing.
  • [The HSJ] believes that only modern liberal democratic states are truly legitimate, and that the political or human rights pronouncements of any international or regional organisation which admits undemocratic states lack the legitimacy to which they would be entitled if all their members were democracies.
  • [The HSJ] gives two cheers for capitalism. There are limits to the market, which needs to serve the Democratic Community and should be reconciled to the environment.

The signatories to the Statement of Principles (HSJ Signatories) include some of the most disreputable and most unpleasant Tory MPs: Nicholas Boles, Damian Collins, Stephen Crabb, Michael Gove, Stephen Hammond, Robert Halfron, Greg Hands and Edward Vaizey; Labour signatories include Fabian Hamilton, Chris Bryant and Gisela Stuart.

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Henry Jackson Society

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