Sir Lynton Crosby

International propagandist and election campaign strategist for right-wing political parties, Lynton Crosby, received a knighthood in the New Year’s honours list for 2016.  

Crosby has operated in many countries assisting election campaigns.  Most of his work has been in Australia, Canada and UK.  

Crosby campaign strategy
Crosby is very limited intellectually and so he sticks to a simple method that utilises the following tools:

  • Distraction
  • Lies
  • Fear

Given that the political parties Crosby promotes are always right-wing conservatives, it is vital the public are distracted from analysing anything that these parties have done or are planning to do, as almost all such acts and plans will be for the benefit of only a small minority of people.  Crosby achieves this by instructing the party’s spokespersons to indulge in repetition of meaningless soundbites and platitudes in all media interaction and to randomly point the accusatory finger of blame at opposition politicians whenever probing questions are asked.

Nowhere in the brief Crosby receives from his employer does it ever state that his work needs to have even the slightest relationship with the truth.  Thus, lies are an integral part of his advice.  He advises the politicians to lie constantly about their performance as a government, including gross manipulation and deliberate misrepresentation of statistics, to lie copiously about their plans post-election, including making claims they have no intention of fulfilling and choosing to not mention some of their more objectionable plans, and to lie about their opponents’ achievements, plans and political stance.

Crosby knows that the parties he works for do not have policies that will appeal if fully analysed, and he does not have any cognitive skills that could be used to promote the parties’ policies coherently; therefore, his choice of tactic for persuasion of the electorate is fear.  He invents an enemy and then piles on the fear.  His invented enemies are, typically, people from other countries, people with different skin pigmentation, people who follow a different religious faith, people with disabilities, people with non-heterosexual sexualities, people who are unemployed, etc.  Crosby instructs the politicians to pile on the fear, with no limit on how bigoted the language and how fraudulent the argument.

Crosby hates people and hates democracy
Crosby makes a grand living from advising politicians how best to con the electorate.  There is an abject lack of ethics, of morality and of soul in his profession and its execution.  For him, the democratic process is merely an occasional obstacle and the people, the voters, are an audience to con, fool and defraud.  Crosby’s strategy epitomises Tory “values.”

Sir Lynton Crosby

2 thoughts on “Sir Lynton Crosby

  1. […] Nuttall is, and always has been, a typical supporter of extreme free-market ideology that seeks to favour only the small financial gangster elite at the expense of everyone else, and he is keen to use distraction techniques to con people into supporting his objectives.  Just like the Tories in the 1980s and those today, Nuttall promotes hatred toward immigrants, Muslims, gay people, unemployed people, single mothers, etc. and he wants severe restrictions on access to abortion and repeal of equality legislation.  This distraction technique and the false blame accusations are standard right-wing conservative strategy practised by, for example, notorious election campaign strategist and confidence trickster Lynton Crosby. (see Sir Lynton Crosby.) […]

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