Tory MP Andrew Percy and the Yorkshire Floods

Tory MP Andrew Percy sent me this nice message on facebook – a concoction of lies, misdirection and abuse, bookended with personal abuse.  It is a reply to a brief comment I left where I pointed out the Tory cuts to flood defence spending and accused Percy of self-promotion.  

Keep your stupid comments to yourself you nasty piece of work. Flood defence funding has increased and is at record levels but you don’t care about the facts do you, just making snide comments.

More is being spent than ever before. Now if you want to talk records, let’s talk the last Labour government who were warned after the 2000 floods to massively increase spending. They didn’t increase it as they were told to, but it went up. Then, as in previous periods, it started to fall until we were hit by further floods in 2007 so it went up again.

Sadly, if you want a sensible debate this rise after an event and then reduction in later years as the focus moves on is something all governments are guilty of.

You get difference year on year as some schemes come to fruition and others don’t but under this Government over the course of the last parliament we spent more on capital for defences than the previous Labour government did. This parliament it will be higher still.

Instead of seemingly enjoying the flooding people are suffering you could do what I’ve been doing and get out there and help people. Instead you, who has no expert knowledge at al, is taking to social media to tell people that the reason they are flooding is because of cuts. Well. For one, spending is greater now and two, even if there had been cuts, it would be far too early to say if that had had anything to do with what we are seeing.

Truth is EU legislation making water course management more expensive and more difficult, mixed with governments of all colours not heeding warnings, mean we aren’t as well protected as we might like to be.

You aren’t interested in that though just spreading your bile. Shame on you, you make me sick.”


Tory MP Andrew Percy and the Yorkshire Floods

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