Labour right-wing seeks failure in May 2016 elections

When it became clear that Jeremy Corbyn would win the Labour leadership contest the Labour elite and the liberal media began a campaign against him and his supporters.  Their greatest fear is that a left-of-centre Labour leader becomes prime minister.  In August last year I wrote about the general election result including an assessment of the horror felt by Labour elite about Corbyn’s impending success.

“The possibility of left-of-centre politics appealing to the voters of the UK and of a challenge to gangster management of the economy has infused the said elite with wide-eyed anger and a rare determination to achieve an aim.  That aim is to stop Corbyn, by any means.  No attempt has been made to debate the issues that he has discussed at his oversubscribed rallies and no attempt has been made to analyse why many people are opposed to capitalist gangsterism – Labour’s elite just want to stop him.” (see Post-election blog)

Throughout the eight months since the leadership election the horrified columnists of the Guardian, New Statesman and Independent have vomitted an indecent quantity of increasingly incoherent warblings that offer convoluted excuses to attack Corbyn without substance or logic.  Popular themes are deliberate false representation of Corbyn’s competence to oppose the Tory government, (e.g. Eaton NS), and creative libellous stories about him and his staff, (e.g. Bennett on Milne).  The supercilious sneering denigration of Corbyn’s abilities as a politician and leader is entirely contradicted by what he says and does but the mob of frightened souls carries on regardless, and the attacks on the political views and the statements of Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott, etc. are simultaneously irrelevant and twisted.

Liberal media stupidity operates alongside the organised coup attempts within Labour led by the four asses of disruption: John Mann, Wes Streeting, Michael Dugher and John Woodcock.  Four Labour MPs who have one objective: To remove Corbyn (and McDonnell) from the Labour leadership and install replacements who can be guaranteed to work for capitalist exploitation.  This ludicrous quartet join in the media attacks with their own garbled pieces – for example, Wes Streeting McDonalds is a particularly fact-free and daft piece, and they and the journos indulge in mutual quoting: The hacks’ articles quote the MPs and the MPs’ tweets link to the hacks’ articles, like two dogs trying to lick each other’s arses.

A recurring feature of the creative criticism of Corbyn is hollow accusations of anti-Semitism.  I mentioned this in the post-election blog.

Assisted by the professional propagandists for the government of Israel a cabal of intellectual imagineers have screamed ‘anti-Semite’ at Corbyn.  No evidence exists for such an insult.  Jeremy Corbyn has expressed condemnation of Israel’s military actions, of the continuing theft of land and property of Palestinians, of the systemic kidnapping and denial of justice perpetrated by Israel, of the use of banned weaponry against civilians as a means of testing the weapons’ effectiveness and of successive British governments’ support for Israel’s crimes, none of which has even the most tenuous connection with an anti-Jewish view.  The Israel governments’ use of aggressive, personal and shameless propaganda attacks is routine and the opponents of Corbyn within the Labour Party are happy to ride along on the waves of such nonsense.

Asa Winstanley’s excellent piece on the Electronic Intifada website summarises the anti-Semitic accusations against Corbyn and how they have been debunked – Winstanley, and Charles B. Anthony accurately describes how false accusations of anti-Semitism have been used routinely against politicians including some recent colleagues of Corbyn – Anthony.  The propaganda machine for the Israeli government and the opposition to Corbyn in Labour work together to suit both aims.  Corbyn’s opponents use their false accusations of anti-Semitism to try to damage his leadership while, simultaneously, the propagandists use the campaign against Corbyn within Labour to help support the Israeli government.  The Labour troublemakers do not mind who they enlist to assist their anti-Corbyn aims, including disreputable professional trolls or even representatives of the Israeli government.  There is some crossover between the two aims: Israel would not want a left-of-centre British government and the most vocal critics of Corbyn on anti-Semitism have their own ties to various extremist pro-Israel groups.

Elections May 2016

Council, assembly, mayoral and police commissioner elections are next week.  The Tory government is in a mess.

  • Huge public support for junior doctors in the face of rigid intransigence from Jeremy Hunt
  • Criminal investigations into funding of Tory election campaign in 2015 general election
  • Nasty infighting among senior cabinet members on the EU referendum
  • Unashamed racial profiling by Tory mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith
  • Continuous defeats for government bills in the House of Lords
  • Evidence of tax avoidance by prime minister and chancellor in the Panama papers leak

All this helps Labour and other parties.  But, the opponents of Corbyn in Labour are focussed on the agenda of disruption.  They need Labour to fail at these elections.  Their false rhetoric of a Cobyn-led Labour being “unelectable” needs to be shown to be true.  Thus, the timing of the current attacks is not accidental.  John Mann’s badly acted pantomime in front of the TV cameras against Ken Livingstone occurred a week before the elections on purpose.  His fellow disruptors were poised to add gormless comments of support for Mann as were the usual gang in the liberal media.  

A successful Corbyn horrifies his political opponents in Labour and they are very willing to disrupt next week’s election campaigns to damage his leadership standing.  Progress was created in order to ensure Labour did not tend left-of-centre, and, right now, its gofers are working hard to achieve their objective. (Progress online)

Labour right-wing seeks failure in May 2016 elections