Kuenssberg Gets The Boos

BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg is an ordinary competent news reporter and interviewer from the normal media production line that starts in Britain’s private schools.  Although perceived by many as pro Conservative, it would be more accurate to note her entrenchment in the establishment.  Given that Jeremy Corbyn offers a challenge to the capitalist hegemony, by both his words and the ensuing encouragement to those with more revolutionary appetite than he, it is unsurprising that a careerist broadcaster, who was educated to believe in privilege, would take any opportunity and use any tactic to attack him.  She is fulfilling the role that she was trained to do.

There has been a reaction among Corbyn’s supporters to Kuenssberg’s style.  The focus on one broadcaster is probably inappropriate, but it could be argued that her performances are used as an example of what to criticise.  A mild expression of antipathy was displayed on 2nd June when Corbyn was answering media questions following a speech he gave at the Institution of Engineering and Technology as part of the campaign for a ‘Remain’ vote in the EU referendum.  Prior to Kuenssberg asking a question a few of Corbyn’s supporters offered some pantomime boos in her direction that Corbyn silenced with a hand gesture.

But, the dramatic alarm screaming forth from the mouths of fellow hacks and the horror expressed by the usual suspects in the Progress arm of Labour implies that this lot had just surrounded Kuenssberg and emitted their chilling catchphrase.


ITV’s Chris Ship attended the speech.


How dare political activists show disdain for the lofty intellectuals and guardians of truth in the fourth estate.  Speaking of guardians, the same-named newspaper’s Heather Stewart is perturbed.


Indeed, Kate Adie and Alex Crawford have been known to say exactly the same when under fire in a war zone.

The comical and pompous melodrama by the journalists in response to a few pantomime boos sidesteps the question of why should the public automatically respect media that is predominantly owned by tax-dodging scoundrels?  Brave war reporters or brilliant investigative journalists deserve respect but hacks have to earn it.  The gilded conveyor belt from private school to university to undeserved lucrative media post discourages self-awareness and imbues support for a separation of establishment and the general public.  So, sadly, the profession of journalist in Britain has a mixed appreciation.

The non-incident described above prodded the Progress faction of Labour into clumsy expressions of mock shock.  As ubiquitous as slug slime, Wes Streeting was quick to quack out 140 characters of drivel and an obedient Labour councillor was happy to copy his nonsense.



The liberal media continues to be upset that the Labour leader isn’t a willing gimp of capitalism and that their hollow views are being ignored.  They are full of fear.  Good.  Be fearful, because your uselessness is becoming ever more visible.




Kuenssberg Gets The Boos

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