Opportunists, Liars, Con-Artists: Labour Coup

The Labour elite have been scared of what may follow from Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader since he received on overwhelming mandate last September.  They fear an assault on the financial gangsters who are recipients of public money eagerly handed to them by governments – Labour, coalition or Tory – that exist in order to serve capitalist exploitation.  The Labour elite, supported by the liberal media, have continuously attacked Corbyn since he was elected.  All the attacks have been without substance and dishonest.

Brexit Opportunism

Following the vote to leave the European Union a bucket of slugs manufactured a mass walk-out from the Labour shadow cabinet.  Their single stated reason for doing this is their claim that Corbyn didn’t campaign strongly enough against Brexit.


The true points about the walkout by this mob of cowards and con-artists are

  • Corbyn is not the reason that Brexit succeeded
  • The Labour elite know that Corbyn is not to blame
  • The Labour elite know they are using Brexit as a fraudulent excuse to attack Corbyn
  • The public voted for Brexit so why be so keen to have an uncompromising pro-EU Labour leader
  • Labour elite opposition to Corbyn is solely because they fear he threatens the power of the financial gangsters and the latter’s ability to continue to exploit the British public

Every one of these pieces of shit has written a fraudulent letter of resignation, each letter containing the same unashamed lies.  They lost in September and they continue to lose.  But, as gimps of criminals, they don’t invoke integrity when making decisions.

In the film Tropic Thunder a character player by Tom Cruse has a conversation with a drugs manufacturer during which Cruise’s character offers some advice involving a step back and self-gratification.  I pass on the same advice to all these aforesaid slugs.



Opportunists, Liars, Con-Artists: Labour Coup

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