May versus Leadsom: Two awful options

David Cameron’s swift spineless departure from the maelstrom of Brexit means there will be soon a new leader of the Tories and, thus, temporarily, a new prime minister.  After a couple of preliminary rounds to eliminate Werrity’s friend Liam Fox, the bitter gimp of the poshos Stephen Crabb and repetitive failure Michael Gove, the two candidates remaining for the head-to-head are Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.

Theresa May

Theresa May’s main objective as Home Secretary has been to channel as much public money as she can get away with into the grasping hands of offshore international “security” businesses, with particular emphasis on fattening the income of G4S with which she has a financial interest via a directorship (in her husband’s name.)  Professional border guards, police officers, prison wardens, hospital security staff, airport security staff, etc. have been or are being replaced by untrained, un-vetted, underpaid casual staff with no job security, no pensions, no holiday pay, no workers’ rights, etc.  The international security businesses do not seem to consist of anything other than a handful of financial gangsters with contacts in governments.  The consequences of this scam are serious safety and security problems, billions of tax-payers’ money flushed away and a breakdown of public confidence in security in public places.  

The private security business takeover of public security is part of the smash ‘n’ grab politics of the current Tory government seen elsewhere in, for example, privatisation of the NHS and academisation of schools.  Use a necessary public service solely as a conduit to transport taxes into hands of financial gangsters with no regard whatsoever for the damage caused to the public service.  Theresa May knows her role in this procedure and has dutifully tried to do her fair share of fleecing, with some benefit for herself of course through her connection to G4S.

Beyond the security business scam, May has fought vigorously against human rights amid some bitter battles with both British and European courts.  She has promoted greater access for police and security services to the content of private online messages of citizens and she sought to remove the necessity of warrants for police and security to carry out online searches.  George Orwell’s ‘1984’ appears to be a manual for May rather than a work of fiction, as does  Franz Kafka’s ‘The Trial’ since one of May’s other achievements is a prosecution process for certain “crimes” wherein the defendant knows nothing of a trial until the verdict is attained.

Andrea Leadsom

Andrea Leadsom is the Energy Minister.  Brendan Montague has written a preçis of the, er, coincidental relationship between her role as energy minister and her various family business connections in the oil industry: Leadsom and oil.  Essentially it is the normal Tory circuitous flow diagram connecting donations to the party and its members, favourable decisions by a minister and, later, lucrative consultancy posts beyond the time as minister.

Leadsom has been careful to move her money around to take advantage of tax regulations and/or loopholes including registering businesses or part thereof as a trust fund for her children or even in the name of her son: Leadsom finances.

She has greatly exaggerated the quality of her career in the banking industry both in duration and in terms of managerial responsibility: Leadsom banking career.

In summary, Andrea Leadsom has nothing but contempt for any concept of a government being elected to serve the public, she is bereft of the concepts of honesty and integrity and she is an unashamed sociopath.

May versus Leadsom: Two awful options