The Desperation Of The Support For Judges


Thursday’s High Court decision to instruct the government how to govern has encouraged many political protagonists to reveal – knowingly or otherwise – their respective agendas and priorities.

The far-right’s extreme and clownish response to the judges’ decision – a response displayed with violent emotion in Murdoch’s, Rothermere’s and Desmond’s newspapers as well as by UKIP screaming heads – has been, rightly, criticised for its tone but has received equal ire for its opposition to the judges’ interference.  Centrist and left-of-centre politicians, journalists and others with fortunate access to a public platform have formed a phalanx of crafted indignation with the far-right’s attack on the judiciary.  A bizarre and surreal spectacle persists where arbitrarily-appointed highly-paid judges’ dissection of the minutiae of ancient and modern law is presented by the aforesaid indignant as a defence of democracy.  The desperation of those who are (or pretend to be) left of centre to seek solace in technical machinations of the bewigged establishment is as pathetic as the desperation of applauding the House of Lords when it delays or blocks a government bill’s passage through parliament.  It is a misplaced defence of the respective remits and powers of the sections of British establishment’s control.   

The judges at the High Court, and those at the upcoming Supreme Court appeal, will make decisions based on legal interpretation.  They cannot be wholly absolved of blame but the main fault lies with the applicable law that takes power away from the elected government.  A mass circle jerk of barristers have been dancing gleefully in the unexpected limelight as they superciliously and condescendingly explain to we mere plebs exactly how the judges can act the way they have.  These technicians, financial beneficiaries of High Court cases, are knowingly ignoring the fact that most opposition to the case in question is opposition to how the law works rather than to the judges’ interpretations.

A strong assault on the politics and polemic of the far-right is possible without aligning with a control structure that is unacceptable.  A socialist government would be attacked relentlessly via the courts by mobs of international financial gangsters.  Left of centre support now for the institutional dampeners on progress, such as High and Supreme Courts, is driven by desperation and by a lack of confidence.  Anyone who is genuinely opposed to a structure that guarantees the continuation of capitalist exploitation should oppose how courts are allowed to dictate to government, even when that government is as reprehensible as the current Tory spivs, and should attack the morons on the far-right without automatically supporting whatever they are opposing.

Necessary change includes massive changes to the structure of government, including how much or little power judges have.


The Desperation Of The Support For Judges

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