Trumped: Causes And Consequences

File photo of Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking during a campaign rally at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas

Twenty-five percent of the registered voters in the USA chose to vote for Trump and for the Republican party.  (That is a slightly higher percentage than the proportional of British citizens who voted Tory at 2015’s general election (24%) and a much greater percentage than that attained by Theresa May to be appointed prime minister (0%).)  That is, nearly sixty million USA citizens voted for Donald Trump. 


The blame game has followed Trump’s election.  The eagerness to point accusatory fingers of blame is felt most keenly by, unsurprisingly, the useless self-appointed centrist guardians who blame everyone but themselves.  Of course, anyone and everyone is to blame.  

Political causes include a Democrat candidate too closely aligned with financial gangsters, an election system that is designed to prevent third-party candidates from making an impact and an electoral college system that allows a few states to decide the result of the election.  Tactical causes include focus on Trump’s clownish behaviour rather than his politics, a haughty and arrogant attitude from Clinton, and racially motivated voter suppression organised at a local level by the Republican Party.  The key epochal cause is a worldwide decline in trust of established authorities compounded by the lack of an obvious replacement.

Meanwhile, the aforesaid useless centre is drowning itself in pseudo-anthropological claptrap as it pins most of the blame for Trump on his voters.  Deluges of half-baked supercilious cod analysis posit all sixty million as a separate species and then essay surreal deductions to account for the anomaly of a Trump victory.  The fact is Trump’s votes’ total equated to standard Republican Party numbers, a total that would have been matched by other potential Republican candidates such as Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. 


While the rejected political professionals crow about their loss and natter on about “markets,” “trading partners” and table manners, the real consequences of Trump for the American people are frightening.  A few of the consequences are the following.


Trump used and promoted racism throughout his campaign and he has a personal history of racism learnt from his father.  With Trump as president, racists, both individuals and owners of power in state or local government, will feel hugely emboldened.  They will eschew any vetting of their views and actions and will believe that the law will not protect their victims.  Of course, this renewed confidence to be racist will permeate through many police forces.  

Trump has persistently attacked Islam and has equated Islam with “terrorism.”  Thus, the racism against Muslims is further empowered by the racist’s justification of a claim to be concerned about terrorism.  Again, the attacks on Muslims will not just be from random individuals or gangs but also at work, college, school and other public places from those given power by local or state authorities.

Trump’s right-hand idiot Pence is vitriolically anti-gay.  Other likely senior members of Trump’s governing team are opposed to LGBT rights.  This will mean advancements in equality legislation will cease, and, as with racism, bigots will regain their boldness to be prejudiced.  Access bans for gay people to entertainment venues, shops and public buildings will proliferate.

It is the presence of Trump as president that emboldens the bigot and the denier of freedom both legally and by collective imbued confidence.


Trump has made his opposition to abortion very clear.  Although he cannot change a key constitutional right, states that are governed by anti-abortionists will be able to effectively make abortion impossible – except for the wealthy – by closing all providers of abortions and of advice.

Trump will rescind the Affordable Care Act.  Access to necessary medical care will become much more dependent on personal wealth.


Trump will make access to guns much easier.  Background checks will disappear and the available weaponry will be more deadly.  Local and state justice systems will feel more confident about being lenient to the perpetrators of gun violence, dependent on prejudicial factors.

Employment and wages

Trump’s focus will be to help employers to exploit their employees.  Basic human rights in the workplace will be optional.  This includes hourly rate of pay, working hours, access to breaks, access to paid holidays, protection from dismissal, access to healthcare plans, health and safety in the workplace, equality of pay, etc.

Trump is, first and foremost, a friend of financial gangsters.  All his actions will assist his objective to enhance the wealth of said gangsters at everyone else’s expense.  His continued use of divisive language and practices will be both a distraction and a trick to appease and fool bigots to keep them on his side.  He couldn’t care less about the consequences of his actions.  He is the enemy of all but a tiny percentage of the American people.

Trumped: Causes And Consequences

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