Castro’s Death: Reactions Reveal Occidental Elite’s Fear Of Socialism


Fidel Castro’s death was announced yesterday.  No political leader of the last sixty years has had as much influence on worldwide politics as Castro, and none will be appreciated, analysed or criticised as much as him.  

His stature is not merely a reflection of the successes in Cuba, particularly in the last thirty years, but more notably a consequence of the durability of Cuba as a non-isolationist communist state.  Cuba has inspired, directly and indirectly, political actions and ideas throughout central and south America, Africa and Asia.  That inspiration will not be diminished in breadth or intensity following Castro’s death.


The corrupt international capitalists are always wary of Cuban influence or inspiration.  Indeed, they are forever fearful of Cuba’s indefatigability as an example of what is possible for people around the world.  Consequences of Cuba’s enabling influence are feared most in the countries where, still, international capitalism is based.  Fear is greatest therein because the various democracies (unlike Cuba’s communism) could vote for a political party that enacts communism; people could Vote Communist and change the entire financial system.  

Thus, the reaction among right-of-centre and centrist politicians and media in Western Europe and North America to Castro’s death has gone beyond peremptory snideness.  It has been a deluge of excitable contrarians eager to jump on any exposition of the inspiration of Cuba to the wider world.  Pseudo-detailed accounts and cataloguing of the Cuban government’s failures have been uttered and transcribed hurriedly and feverishly to try to counter sensible intelligent eulogies.  Mock shock has abounded in response to any positive analysis, particularly analyses that emphasise the desirability of socialist theory and actions.  This mass fury of opinionating is not just the normal desperation of hacks, self-styled experts, think-tank confidence tricksters and fame-obsessed politicians to get their noses in view while a story is current.  The perpetrators are compelled to aggressively knock back any positive analysis or obituary of Castro because of a desperation to try to ensure that positive viewpoints of socialism are drowned.  

Fear oozes from word, spoken or written by the reactionaries.  Fidel Castro’s death has, unsurprisingly, perked up interest in him, in Cuba and in both socialism and communism.  His passing, as a news event, has acted as a catalyst for people to investigate, study and learn about the politics and how they work in practice.  The fear worming its way through the Western elites is palpable.

They should be fearful.  They should be so fearful they defecate themselves.  


Castro’s Death: Reactions Reveal Occidental Elite’s Fear Of Socialism

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