Paul Nuttall is Oliver Letwin without the posh accent

“Bad Bootle UKIP meff” Paul Nuttall was elected as UKIP leader today.  He succeeds Nigel Farage who eyes lucrative speaking engagements in the USA to a room of bigots while still raking in his EU parliament expenses despite never turning up to do the job he was elected to do as an MEP.

Nuttall is an obvious choice for UKIP leader.  Of all the main protagonists in the party, his political views and aims are the closest to those of UKIP owner Arron Banks.  That is, Nuttall’s politics are a re-statement of everything that Thatcher stood for, with added anti-PC rhetoric.  

Some of the facets of Nuttall’s financial political vision are

  • Privatisation of the NHS including forcing people to have health insurance
  • Lower tax rates for the most highly paid and removal of inheritance tax
  • More savage cuts to welfare provision
  • Further restriction of workers’ and trades union rights
  • Climate change denial (to aid fossil fuel companies’ profits)

All of the above are designed to assist the small financial elite.

Nuttall is, and always has been, a typical supporter of extreme free-market ideology that seeks to favour only the small financial gangster elite at the expense of everyone else, and he is keen to use distraction techniques to con people into supporting his objectives.  Just like the Tories in the 1980s and those today, Nuttall promotes hatred toward immigrants, Muslims, gay people, unemployed people, single mothers, etc. and he wants severe restrictions on access to abortion and repeal of equality legislation.  This distraction technique and the false blame accusations are standard right-wing conservative strategy practised by, for example, notorious election campaign strategist and confidence trickster Lynton Crosby. (see Sir Lynton Crosby.)


That is, Paul Nuttall aspires to offer exactly what Tory propagandist and chief machinator Oliver Letwin offers: Reckless, selfish free-marketeering accompanied by a vicious dishonest blame game.  Like Letwin, Nuttall is an enemy of the vast majority of people of Britain and, like Letwin, his entire presentation of his politics is a con.  Two rancid peas in an offshore pod.

The UKIP con requires media assistance

The relative success of UKIP in the last half-decade owes a lot to mainstream media depiction of the party as a challenge to ‘establishment.’  This is not necessarily because various newspapers and TV networks always support the party’s policy and a lot of the coverage has been negative.  However, the undertone, even when UKIP policy is being refuted, is to emphasise the ‘anti-establishment’ (spurious) nature of the party and, thus, by warped deduction, its appeal to ‘working-class’ people.

This con-trick, both by the party and by the media, is a simple strategy to present UKIP as the vehicle for anti-establishment fervour rather than allowing a left-wing party to be a dominant visible challenge.  The small financial elite that UKIP serves fears a rise in left-wing politics more than anything else, as do the newspapers’ respective tax-dodging proprietors Murdoch, Barclay brothers, Desmond and Rothermere.  The centrist liberal media fear that a genuine left-wing force will cause them to whither away rapidly and permanently; their irrelevance will be exposed as they disappear into the ether clutching well-thumbed copies of ‘On Liberty.’

Nuttall’s predecessor, Farage, was assisted by bizarre media descriptions of him as ‘charismatic,’ ‘persuasive’ and even ‘erudite.’  None of those words apply truthfully to a man with the persona of a snake oil salesman who only accepts cash, and Farage is a bad actor whose utterances are not informed by intelligence, knowledge or logic.  For the continuation of the ‘anti-establishment’ UKIP con-trick, Nuttall has something Farage doesn’t have: A regional accent; in particular, a Liverpudlian accent.  Of course, that is irrelevant, but both UKIP and the compliant media will pretend it makes a difference in the appeal of the party.  

The invented narrative of Nuttall helping UKIP to take votes from Labour in northern England will be presented by the media as having happened, when what they are actually doing is campaigning for it to happen.  Right-wing media and liberal media may have different attitudes to UKIP’s policies but both, for different reasons, will perpetuate the con that a Nuttall-led UKIP will hoover up ‘working-class’ votes in northern England.  It is an indictment of the abject lack of quality in British professional political journalism that such a clumsy obvious con-trick will be repeated over and over without shame nor self-awareness.



Paul Nuttall is Oliver Letwin without the posh accent

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