Short simple guide to modern political ideologies


Management of the economy in a democratic system that seeks to convey wealth from the many to a small elite.  Due to the necessity to win elections a conservative government directs blame for financial difficulties from itself onto imagined (false) enemies.


A variant of, and more modern version of, conservatism that seeks a similar objective but includes sops to pseudo-intellectual middle-class as bribes and, thus, as distractions.


Extreme variant of conservatism that eschews democracy and, hence, has greater reliance on distraction techniques such as promotion and enaction of prejudices usually including violent racism, sexism and homophobia.


(Mis)management of the international economy devised and maintained (by variants of conservatism) in order to serve a tiny elite at the expense of everyone else.  Key features of capitalism are an ongoing and increasing necessity to con and coerce people into supporting governments that maintain it, a requirement to continually seek new markets to exploit leading to inevitable collapse, and offshore vessels of wealth – tax havens – to ensure the beneficiaries can dodge the consequences of their exploitation.


Management of the international economy that serves everyone and denies capitalist exploitation.  Key facets include genuine opportunities for anyone to pursue any career, occupation or objective, absolute commitment to normal human rights to education, housing, healthcare and welfare, and knowledge of the clear distinction between enterprise and exploitation.


A system of government that maintains socialism.  To be effective communism excludes the con-trick of parliamentary and/or congressional “democracy.”

Post script: Some nonsense terminology


Democratic Socialism is a contradiction.  Socialism cannot be maintained if held back by antiquated cod democracy.

Anarchism belongs in the Stone Age.

Centrism does not exist.  There is no centre in politics.  There is a gap, a chasm.  Any claim to be in the centre is intrinsically dishonest.

Military Dictatorships are fascist states in which, like all conservative states, the power lies with the capitalist minority.  The military are merely employees.  To describe such a system as a military dictatorship is deliberate misdirection.



Short simple guide to modern political ideologies

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