British Values? No, there are human values and Tory values – mutually exclusive

The Tory government has suggested that people working for public bodies should swear an oath to uphold “British values.”  The absurdity of this idea is clear.  Three obvious points about this scheme are

  • It’s a distraction from what the Tories are up to
  • Values are not nationality-dependent
  • Positive human values are the antithesis of Tory values

A distraction

As Christmas and the end of the year approach the awful effects of Tory destruction are increasing in size and in intensity.  A spurious debate about “British values” allows the media to be distracted from current Tory decisions and their consequences.  Tory acts and effects from just the last week (December 2016) include

  • Deliberate dismantling of the NHS continues unfettered.  Many operations scheduled to take place over the next few weeks have been postponed, due to unavailability of beds.  The bed shortage is partly caused by huge cuts in funding for social care.  (e.g. Cancelled NHS operations.)  
  • National funding for social care has been hacked by the Tories who are passing the cost onto councils.  Social care funding crisis
  • A damning review of patient deaths for people with mental health issues was published last week, conveniently just as parliament went to recess.  Review of deaths in mental health care
  • The rise in homelessness, primarily due to vicious benefit cuts, continues to rise exponentially.  Rise in homelessness
  • Huge unworkable cuts to funding for inner city schools were declared last week by the government.  School funding cuts
  • British military supply of banned weaponry has been exposed that has been used against the people of Yemen.  British weapons used against Yemen
  • Chronic under-funding and poor staff training has led to prison riots.
  • Government support for an incompetent rail operator has caused overcrowding, strikes and dangers to passenger safety.
  • Brexit continues to be an absolute shambles.

Human values are not dependent on nationality

It is deliberately fraudulent to claim any human value is remotely connected to nationality.  Human values may change over time and not all may be universal throughout the world but ascribing a national character to any such values has no logical or reasoned basis.

Appending a nation as a qualifier to human values is simultaneously exclusive and restrictive.  It excludes people from other nations as an “other” and it restricts the values of those resident in the nation.  The Tory motivation for suggesting the concept of “British values” is precisely to encourage a xenophobic attitude to people in other countries and to encourage bigotry toward British people who don’t wish to be restricted by arbitrary definitions.

It is a wholly anti-intellectual and unhuman.  It stinks of 19th century imperialism.

Human values are opposite to Tory values

Tory values are confidence tricks, fraud, abuse, bigotry, division, theft, blackmail, bribery, corruption, violence and cold-hearted unrestrained greed.

Human values are the opposite.


British Values? No, there are human values and Tory values – mutually exclusive

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