Shared Society or Shafted Society

Prime minister Theresa May has thrown a pile of dead cats on the table.  Her marketing team has called it ‘Shared Society.’  The Tories’ Shared Society is, of course, nonsense.  The Tories don’t share anything.  Instead, they systematically channel tax-payers’ money into the grasping hands of offshore made-up businesses that barely pretend to manage schools, prisons, welfare, hospitals and transport.

Society – health, education, housing, pensions, public transport, etc. – is being destroyed, at an ever-increasing rate.  Basic human needs and rights are being erased.  For the paymasters of the Tory government, the public are either there to be fleeced or there to be used as an opportunity to fleece others.

For the Tories,

  • A child’s education is an opportunity for public money to be handed to incompetent fraudsters masquerading as academies
  • An ill or injured person is an opportunity for public money to be handed to catastrophically inept private healthcare services
  • An old person in need of assistance is an opportunity for public money to be handed to unqualified, uncaring private companies
  • An unemployed person is an opportunity for public money to be handed to vicious invented businesses that are bonus-enabled to inflict misery and hardship
  • A disabled person is an opportunity for public money to be handed to various corrupt agencies who have nether the will nor the ability to provide the assistance needed

None of the above saves any public money at all; ensuing costs for the tax-payer are higher.  None provides a better service; all the public services decline in quality rapidly, often leading to destitution and death.

Other Tory policies that attack society include

  • Deliberate cuts to benefits to force people to move out of social housing so that it can be handed to rip-off property developers
  • Relentless attacks on workers’ rights in order to enable systematic exploitation
  • Deliberate reduction and removal of access to justice in order to deny legal challenge; for example, denial of access to legal aid and higher costs for industrial tribunals
  • Introduction of ID requirements to be able to vote

Shared Society
Yesterday Theresa May published a statement that presented her Shared Society vision.


Therein she lists some problems that people are facing.  Almost all of said problems are direct consequences of Tory policy and ideology but May talks as if they appeared magically and she suggests that “we” should attempt to solve them.  It is analogous to a thug punching someone in the face repeatedly while asking the victim how the pain from the punches can be alleviated.  

Below are a few examples of scenarios that May claims she wants to address that are direct consequences of Tory policy but she pretends they have happened randomly.

May: “It is vital that we tackle the shorter life expectancy for those born poor.
FACT: The Tories are deliberately destroying healthcare access for those with least income.

May: “It is vital that we tackle the lower chances of white working-class boys going to university.
FACT: The Tories have removed financial support for ‘A’-level studies and have raised cost of university education. (Also, why does she emphasise “white” and “boys?”)

May: “It is vital that we tackle the despicable stigma and inadequate help for those with mental health conditions.
FACT: The Tories have made many people with mental health issues homeless and destitute via vicious benefit sanctions.

May: “You just about manage but worry about the cost of living and getting your children into a good school; you put in long hours – working to live and living to work – but your wages have stagnated and there is little left over at the end of the month.
FACT: The Tories constantly attack trades’ unions who try to improve workers’ wages and conditions.

May: “Tackling the increasing lack of affordability in housing.
FACT: The Tories have removed people from social housing and given the houses to property developers who do not provide any affordable housing.

The overriding theme is that Theresa May is lying when she claims the Tory government intends to tackle injustices and inequality.  The Shared Society statement is just a succession of sound bites that she, her MPs and their friends in the media can spout as non sequiturs in speeches and interviews.  It has no meaning and no positive intent.

A pointer to the impending uselessness of this Shared Society declaration is the fact that May congratulates her party on its achievement in “social reform” and in “social mobility:” 

We will move beyond the narrow focus on social justice – where we help the very poorest – and social mobility – where we help the brightest among the poor.

The reality is that the “social reform,” developed by the disgusting Centre For Social Justice, has caused homelessness, destitution and death, and “social mobility” has been severely restricted due to lack of financial support for ‘A’-level studies and the very high costs of university courses.  If those are successes for May then, clearly, her hopes for Shared Society are entirely fraudulent.

The Tories’ do have some plans

We will engage in a more wide-ranging process of social reform so that those who feel that the system is stacked against them – those just above the threshold that typically attracts the government’s focus today yet who are by no means rich or well off – are also given the support they need.

The above quote is an alarm that further horrendous assaults on absolutely necessary welfare support are planned while the Tories try to drive a wedge between the worse off and those “just above the threshold.”

There is some interesting use of language within the Shared Society statement.  May expresses concern for the plight of “ordinary working class families.”  In what sense does she mean “ordinary?”  Has she just borrowed the phrase from Breitbart?  The words “citizenship” or “citizen” appear three times.  Does she mean “citizenship” as a positive description of someone with social responsibility or does she mean it in the legal sense with respect to nationality?  The statement was written carefully by May and her team of professional PR people; they would not have included the words “ordinary” and “citizenship” without definite intent.

Shafted Society
Everything the Tories do is a scam to provide for a small minority, who sit bloated and idle in their tax havens.  The Tory society is the antithesis of a shared society.  It is a shafted society.


Theresa May has no intention of changing what has always been the ethos of the Conservative Party.  The Shared Society proposal is simultaneously hollow and full of lies.

Shared Society or Shafted Society

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