Trump: Summary

Donald Trump became the president of the U.S.A. today.


When a young man, Trump was given a million dollars, (a lot of money back then), by his father, a notorious racist slum landlord.  Trump wasn’t given any grounding in morality or ethical behaviour.  

Throughout his “business” life, Trump has accrued wealth via dodgy deals, refusal to pay bills, dodging billions of federal taxes and blatant fraud, the last most notably with the fake Trump “university.”  

International capitalist is intrinsically dishonest and it is also designed to be exhaustively exploitative.  Thus, Trump’s ingrained dishonesty and his abject lack of morals, ethics and self-analysis have meant he has been able to operate without restraint; the mechanics of the international capitalist system allowed him to operate as he has.  

Of course, financially, Trump has not been a success.  His business career is littered with bankruptcies, that he used as a tactic to dodge tax, and he has amassed billions of dollars of debt around the world.  His net worth is less than zero.  But that doesn’t matter to exploitative capitalists: Their debt is someone else’s problem.  

Trump is the personification of financial gangster capitalist exploitation: A stupid, selfish, unethical, immoral gangster.

Trump’s government

The single objective of Trump as president is to enhance the capabilities of financial gangsters to exploit the majority of the population.  He has appointed to senior government positions a mob of like-minded charlatans who have similar attitudes to honesty, fraud and exploitation as Trump.  He knows that none of his appointees will ever worry that their decisions are harmful, unconstitutional or fraudulent.   

As he and his gang destroy society and divert public money into the hands of crooks, Trump is aware enough to know he will need to both distract and appease his support base with extreme bigotry.  Anti-abortion, racist, anti-Islam, anti-Mexican and anti gay rhetoric and accompanying policy decisions will be used and will be very harmful.  Some of his appointees will revel in these enactments of bigotry and prejudice.

Trump is the embodiment of a system that is opposed to humanity and to progress.  Fellow exploiters, in USA and elsewhere, whatever they make think of Trump personally, have been falling over themselves to get to kiss his backside.  Let them expose themselves.  Let them show how rancid the system they support is.


Trump: Summary

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