On Lieberty

J. S. Mll

The Liberal Party was replaced as a force in British politics in the 1920s by the Labour Party.  In an age of universal suffrage the uselessness of the Liberal Party was clear.  Its demise should have been quick and final.  But, the false self-importance of the self-anointed guardians of woolly centrist cod ideology, imbued by snobbish fake superiority toward the masses, kept the politics of liberalism awake.

Mill’s ‘On Liberty’ is a fine account of and instruction in liberal philosophy.  Its failure occurs when Mill opines his politics.  A mini preçis of Mill’s political demand is “do not allow working-class any power!”  He created an intellectual walled garden for his fellow liberals to sit in and cast derogatory remarks at the Tories, but he was careful to make the garden invite-only.  Thus, liberal politics became a con-trick.   

As a political ideology, liberalism is a subset of the capitalist class; it exclaims displeasure at the excesses of conservative exploitation but is focussed, as a capitalist supporter, on opposing a reversal in economic power in favour of the exploited.  It is a comfort blanket for the subset of the middle-classes whose members mistake education for intelligence, and, more nefariously, it is used to con voters by pretending to be an alternative to the capitalist status quo.

Since the emergence of Labour, British liberal politics was mostly dormant until Thatcher arrived and the most notable contribution the Liberal Party made was its leader’s inspiration for one of the greatest comedic soliloquies.  

Peter Cook

SDP/Liberal ‘Alliance’

The viciousness of the Thatcher government’s conservatism, destroying decades of hard-fought for improvements in living standards, access to education, workers’ rights and access to housing, encouraged a left-of-centre fightback.  The Tories’ response to this fightback was violence and denial of justice.  The liberals were frightened by the possibility of success of the appeal of socialist tendencies and their response was to re-constitute themselves as the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

The SDP was a concoction of the remaining Liberal Party politicians after the Jeremy Thorpe fiasco and a handful of careerist right-of-centre Labour MPs, the latter forerunners of today’s anti-socialist Progress MPs.  Perceived now as an absurd footnote in modern British political history, the SDP achieved its aim of ensuring that a left-of-centre government wouldn’t be elected by splitting opposition to the Tories’ assaults on British society.  The fact that the Tories were able to cling onto power until 1997 was an unfortunate consequence that did not worry the SDP; by 1997 it had disappeared, pleased with its work.

The typical Liberal Party tactic used by the SDP was to pretend to be opposed to what many other people were genuinely opposed to – namely, the consequences of rampant free-market exploitation – and then con people into moving away from the real opposition to such exploitation.  

Clegg’s Liberal Democrats

Nick Clegg and his supervisor

Tony Blair’s gleeful militarism followed by Gordon Brown’s reckless deregulation of the financial system had combined to diminish Labour’s appeal for the 2010 election.  The Tories were still not fully operational so the professional opportunists in the Liberal Democrats grabbed their chance.  One cannot deny the success of their opportunism at that election: The party’s highest number of seats for many decades and in (coalition) government for the first time in almost a century.  However, this success was based entirely on the usual liberal con described above and the extent of the con in 2010 was one of the most criminal acts in the history of British democratic politics.

The are two despicable characteristics to the 2010 Liberal Democrat election con 

  1. To acquire the necessary votes the Liberal Democrats pretended that they were to the left of Gordon Brown’s right-of-centre Labour Party.
  2. In the ‘coalition’ government the Liberal Democrats were entirely subservient to the Tories.

That is, Clegg’s mob not only pretended to oppose the Tories – the usual liberal con – but they also pretended that they were less right-of-centre that Labour.  Nick Clegg, as much a robot servant of capitalist establishment as Cameron, Osborne, May, Johnson, Hammond, etc., lied incessantly to the voters and a sufficient number believed him.  Blatant, unashamed LIES.  Then, after skipping over to have a laugh with his best chum David Cameron, Clegg told his MPs to just sit back and allow the Tories to wreck the country.  The best that Clegg should be enjoying now is a small, dank, dark cell.

Five years later the Liberal Democrats were almost wiped out at the general election, but the damage to the country and to many people’s lives was done and, like a fetid stench from an unknown source, the Liberal Democrats lingered waiting for another event that could feed their opportunism.

Tim Farron and Brexit

Tim Farron

The new leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, a man with the charisma of a bass player in a Coldplay covers band, would be almost unknown now if the result of the EU referendum had not been to leave the EU.  David Cameron’s gormless decision to allow a vote coupled with the arrogance of the political and media bubbles led to the majority of voters choosing Brexit.  Ensuing worries about the consequences of departure, exasperated by the hapless disorganised preparation by Theresa May and her band of morons, switched on a flashing light labelled ‘OPPORTUNITY’ shining in Tim Farron’s face.  

That is, an opportunity to shift opposition focus away from the left-leaning Labour leadership just in case the latter succeeds in its aims.  For Farron and the Liberal Democrats their continuous campaigning against Brexit is a lever to maintain the invention of the fraudulent view that they are the main political opposition in Britain after the EU referendum.  They may care for membership of the EU, but they know the vote has been made and it will not be reversed.  Therefore, their anti Brexit campaigning is mere posturing and they know it is.  By positioning themselves at the forefront of anti Brexit activism, the Liberal Democrats are in a safe political place because there is no expectation of success.  They can prance about as much as they like because there is no pressure to succeed.

The Liberal Democrat anti Brexit campaign is another chapter in the Liberal/SDP/Liberal Democrat con trick.  Their main objective, as always, is to con the voters into believing that liberals are an opposition to conservative capitalist exploitation and destruction.  The fact is they are a deliberate distraction from real opposition.  From John Stuart Mill to Tim Farron, liberal politics exists to stifle revolutionary politics.  

  • Liberal philosophy is fine
  • Liberal politics is a con

Socialists and communists have always recognised the intrinsic obstructive nature of liberal politics and have always proclaimed the following:

Step aside or you get moved aside




On Lieberty

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