Election 2017: The Progress mob have got to go

The anti-socialist Progress MPs and their supporters have attacked the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn constantly since he was first elected in 2015.  It is clear that they do not belong in the same party as Corbyn or the hundreds of thousands of new Labour members who joined the party as a result of Corbyn’s leadership. The obstructers’ relentless undermining of the leadership and the Labour shadow cabinet has damaged the party’s popularity: The public see the disunity in the parliamentary party and in the constituency parties.

But, the Progress mob have not had the courage to form a new party.  If they had any political principles, any coherent manifesto or any genuine opposition to the Tories’ support for exploitation then Progress would have formed a new party, possibly aligned with the Liberal Democrats, and presented their ideas to the public as distinct from both Jeremy Corbyn and the Tories.  Instead, they have just been focussed on simplistic attacks and libel that often deteriorated into abuse.  

General Election 2017

There is to be a general election in Britain in June.  Theresa May has called the election because she and her colleagues are confident of increasing the Tory majority in parliament.  This confidence stems partly from observing divisions within the Labour party.  

The election could be a key moment for Progress.  Its MPs, councillors and supporters could act as they speak and contest the election with a distinct manifesto.  They could appeal to the voters to support what Progress claims to stand for.  Or, they could continue to deliberately harm the electoral possibilities of the Labour party.  

It is decision time for Eagle, Bradshaw, Smeeth, Smith, Jarvis, Austin, Streeting, Coyle, Phillips, Flint, etc.  They have a choice of two options:


  • Leave Labour
  • Form a new “centrist” party
  • Present a coherent manifesto to the electorate.


  • Stay in Labour
  • Occupy the candidates’ positions for the parliamentary seats to stop left-wing Labour candidates being selected
  • Continue to criticise and undermine Corbyn 

If Progress has integrity then it will choose Option 1.  
If there is any substance or coherence to any political viewpoint in Progress then it will choose Option 1.  
If Progress believes that it has a plan that would appeal to the public then it will choose Option 1.

If the centrist “ideology” of Progress is entirely hollow and a confidence trick then it will choose Option 2.
If the members of Progress are cowards and con artists then it will choose Option 2.
If Progress exists solely to stop Labour being a successful left-wing party then it will choose Option 2.

Labour without or with Progress?

A Labour party without Progress would mean that the members and the leadership could select candidates for the election who would offer a genuine alternative to capitalist exploitation.  The electorate would know that they could vote for a party that would be united behind a clear manifesto and clear political stance of Jeremy Corbyn.

A Labour party with Progress would mean that many – possibly a majority – of the Labour candidates in the election would be opposed to Corbyn.  The electorate could not be sure what they were voting for if they chose to vote Labour.

In opposition, there is an argument for a pretence of unity.  But, in an election, there must be both clarity of where a party stands and clarity of its differences from other parties.  For Labour to succeed the Progress mob need to go.  They can form their own party.  The people of Britain need an alternative to conservative capitalist exploitation and destruction but the purpose of Progress is to stop Labour from being an alternative.

If the Progress members that infest Labour choose to stay rather than form a new party then it is clear that their aim is not to win an election but to prevent a left-leaning Labour party from winning one.

If the Progress members that infest Labour choose to stay rather than form a new party then it is clear that they know their pretence of an appeal to centrism is hollow and fraudulent.

Do one!

For Labour to have any success in the upcoming election the Progress mob need to go now.  No delay.  Out the door now.  If they won’t go, they’ll need some unambiguous encouragement.  It is not the time for “gentler, friendlier” politics.  Just sod off!  Do one!

Get out and get out now!  


Election 2017: The Progress mob have got to go

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