General Election 2017: May’s strategy of invisibility


Theresa May called a general election and stated she would not participate in leaders’ debates.  It is very likely she will be seen in public only at choreographed tightly controlled staged events accompanied by fully paid Tory activists.  She will be selective with choices of media interviews to avoid being questioned usefully.  

This aloof behaviour is a key part of her campaign, directed by experienced conman “Sir” Lynton Crosby.  His advice to conservative politicians has been consistent for many years and is driven by utter contempt for the public.  (Brief analysis of his strategy here: Lynton Crosby.)  

One reason that Crosby thinks May’s campaign should be restricted to stage-managed and easy events is the fact that she is not bright.  Her stupidity is a necessity for her to obediently carry out the destruction of British society for the benefit of financial gangsters, (explained here: May’s stupidity), but this abject lack of intelligence and wit is problematic if she is debating against Corbyn or Sturgeon or being quizzed effectively by a knowledgeable journalist with integrity and professionalism.  

A second reason for May’s limited visibility is to encourage the media attention to be on the policies and intents of the other parties.  Crosby wants the election discussion to be dominated by critical analysis of Corbyn’s manifesto, of Sturgeon’s independence intent and of Farron’s concerns about Brexit.  If the focus is on Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrats then the Tories are excused from defending their record in government.  Tory destruction of the country, their fleecing of the public to finance the exploitative minority and the utter annihilation of civilised society is then ignored and not investigated at all.  Crosby knows that a compliant media are happy to fall into line and present the public with a decision about whether or not to support the other parties and, if not, then to support the Tories by default, with no equal exhaustive analysis of Tory intent or recent acts.


General Election 2017: May’s strategy of invisibility

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