Election 2017: Today is a nadir for the BBC

This morning Jeremy Corbyn was “interviewed” by Telegraph’s professional troll Emma Barnett on the BBC radio show ‘Woman’s Hour.’  During the “interview” Mr. Corbyn was asked for exact financial figures related to Labour’s plans for childcare and associated costs.  He had not memorised the figures, understandably.  The required data was available on an iPad that wasn’t immediately to hand.  Rather than allow Mr.Corbyn to find and then relay the carefully costed figures – unlike the wholly uncosted Tory manifesto, Barnett starting shouting repeatedly as if the immediate unavailability of said figures was a heinous act.  (Barnett had the same figures in front of her on the desk but she refused to state that fact.)

Barnett’s behaviour is the typical behaviour of a far-right professional troll most often seen on fake news TV channel Fox News.  The objective is not to challenge the interviewee on the subject under discussion, the objective is a pre-rehearsed pantomime designed to create a false impression of the competence of the person being interviewed.  Barnett’s strategy is extremely biased, unprofessional, dishonest, fraudulent and unethical.  It has no purpose other than an attempt to con the listeners to the radio show.

As a hack employed by multi-million pound tax-dodgers the Barclay Brothers, who are happy to employ convicted criminal Andy Coulson as a PR adviser, Barnett is merely following orders.  She is a gimp.  What is of much greater interest and needs to be attacked angrily, is the collaboration of the BBC.

‘Woman’s Hour,’ or, to give it its full title, ‘White Middle-Class Woman’s Hour,’ was instructed by senior BBC managers to give a platform to Barnett with the intent of using the result as a lead item on BBC news on radio and TV for the rest of the day.  The BBC created a set-up with the aforethought malicious intent of defaming Mr. Corbyn’s competence.  Barnett, of course, was happy to take part.

Jeremy Corbyn’s slight lack of preparedness is not a news item but BBC are promoting it as their lead item.  No-one at the BBC can claim with a straight face that this behaviour is not deliberate bias.  Tories have made huge mistakes when discussing figures with the media recently and BBC News has chosen not to give such mistakes much coverage at all.  The Tory manifesto is entirely uncosted but this has been allowed to pass.

James Harding

The influence of former Murdoch hack James Harding on BBC News has been very destructive.  During this election campaign his effect is all over the BBC.  It can be understood that the BBC is fearful of government interference and, thus, feels the need to cow-tow to Tory demands sometimes, but the last few weeks have descended into farce.

Thankfully, the British public see through the shenanigans.

Election 2017: Today is a nadir for the BBC

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