Transparent politicians and transparent media are nearing extinction

The (first) general election of 2017 had an incomplete conclusion.  

The consequences are a muddle:

The Tories, without a majority, have teamed up with a bunch of pseudo-religious intellectually diminished weirdos in a relationship that is doomed to fail.  Theresa May is trying to cling onto the leadership of her party by filling her cabinet with all the likely challengers.  Right-wing media is distraught that younger people dared to vote and is accusing the latter of being financially irresponsible.  Centrist media is pretending to offer apologies for doubting Corbyn’s competence while simultaneously providing a platform for barely disguised leadership pitches from the Progress MPs.  The BBC is a rolling platform for professional jabber mouth Nigel Farage alongside a motley crew of vacuous liberals from deep inside the bubble.  

The detached, arrogant and complacent pantomime continues.  

However, this pantomime is now transparent, untrusted and ignored:

Relentless, disgusting smears and libel in the right-wing rags directed at Corbyn and his colleagues have been treated with the contempt they deserve.  Centrist media’s constant belittling of Corbyn’s electability has been joyously rebutted.  May has no political credibility left and has de-evolved into the last remaining duck-billed platitude.  BBC News has become an object of ridicule and derision.  

The sham has exposed itself repeatedly.  Fewer and fewer people are choosing to be fooled by the sham.  

This is not mass cynicism, this is a community of confidence.  Confidence that politicians and political ideologies are not elevated and unremovable, confidence that the possible options are not restricted to the examples that exist, confidence that desires and dreams are attainable.

The dull chains that constrict are rusting away.  

People are no longer choosing to be duped, they are no longer accepting ignorance and, crucially, they are no longer fearful of a different choice.  Fear remains the main weapon used by the self-appointed elite.  But, that fear is no longer resonating and, with it, the belief in the sham dissipates into the ether.



Transparent politicians and transparent media are nearing extinction

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