The Garden Bridge was always just a scam

The absurd Garden Bridge project across the Thames in London has been “cancelled.”  This is no surprise to anyone because it was never an idea that possessed any useful functionality or logic.  Its usefulness as a bridge would have been negligible, its usefulness as a park would have been miniscule compared to the actual parks in central London and its potential attractiveness for tourists was never a key facet.

However, it had never been a real project: The sole purpose of the Garden Bridge invention was to steal money from tax payers and hand it to shady made-up companies.  That was all it was for.  Over fifty millions pounds has been siphoned away.  This fake project was led by former London mayor Boris Johnson with the backing of former chancellor George Osborne, two of the most venal pieces of excrement who have ever progressed along the conveyor belts from the top public schools to Tory government.

It was a scam.  A blatant shameless scam.  It is a typical example of how the Tories steal public money to hand to their criminal friends and associates and the money can’t be reclaimed because the Tory enablers set up the contract so that, if cancelled, the recipients of the free cash could just sod off, smirking.



The Garden Bridge was always just a scam

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