Out, out brief Cable!

A willing lap dog of David Cameron’s Tories from 2010 to 2015, Vince Cable was appointed leader of the hapless Liberal Democrats earlier this year (2017) in the absence of anyone in that party capable of or willing to be its leader.  

Cable and Cameron in happier times

Cable’s tenure as a minister in the “coalition” government was marked by his obedience and subservience to the Tory destruction machine.  His particular contribution was to destroy the postal service.  The 2015 general election should have been the party’s demise.  Labour’s switch to a genuine alternative has further enhanced the utter pointlessness of the Liberal Democrats.  

Liberal Democrat Conference 2017

Almost unnoticed, the Liberal Democrats had their annual party conference this week.  It was less of a gathering to mutually inspire and stride forward and much more of a flaccid therapy session.  

Earlier in the conference, deputy leader Jo Swinson had tried to depict her party as the only saviour for mankind to protect against Jung-Un, Trump, Erdogan, etc., but pointed to bankers’ robo-puppets Trudeau and Macron as fellow saviours – Swinson at Lib Dem conference.  

Cable’s conference speech focussed on Brexit, sort of.  The Lib Dems’ website published Cable “highlights, “ some of which are quoted and retorted to below.

Cable on EU
We have a taste of what is to come in the fall of the value of the pound.  Foreign exchange dealers are not point scoring politicians. Their cold, hard, unsentimental judgement has been, quite simply, that Brexit Britain will be poorer and weaker after Brexit than if we had decided to stay in Europe.”
Foreign exchange dealers are among the most despicable species of vermin in the pit of financial gangsters.  Even the most inhumane commodities brokers look down their criminal noses at the buyers and sellers of money.  But, Cable uses their thoughts as expert analysis.

This is not a call for a re-run – a second referendum – on Brexit.  It is a call for a first referendum on the facts: when we know what Brexit means.”
The second referendum demand that Cable repeats is problematic for several reasons:

  • It insults the Leave voters’ intelligence by questioning their knowledge and their analytical capacities that led to them voting to leave the EU
  • It assumes that there is a date in the near future when every consequence of leaving the EU will be known exhaustively without any ambiguity or doubt.
  • It re-creates the divisive conditions of the first referendum

Cable’s demand for a second referendum is grandstanding and is the mirror image of Farage.

If the definition of sabotage is fighting to protect British jobs, public services, the environment and civil liberties, then I am a proud saboteur.”
As a minister in the “coalition” government, Cable had no interest in protecting jobs or protecting public services.

They [political supporters of leaving the EU] now believe in the slogan of dictators everywhere: one person, one vote, once.”
No dictator has ever proclaimed that slogan.  (Aside: Vince Cable was not elected as leader of the Liberal Democrats.)

Cable on Labour
Many people got behind them [Labour] in June, expecting a better politics and a better future from him.  They are already being betrayed.”
These comments by Cable about Labour were made in relation to Brexit.  But, as Cable knows, Labour did not focus on Brexit during the 2017 general election campaign and Labour’s new voters were persuaded by the party’s shift leftward, not by a nuanced approach to Brexit.  Thus, Cable’s claim of Labour’s “betrayal” is simply a lie.

Cable further embarrassed himself with a remark straight from the Lynton Crosby guide to deception: “You don’t qualify for the Shadow Cabinet these days unless you have studied the Venezuelan guide on how to bankrupt a rich economy.”
That childish insult – both to Labour and to the Venezuelan government – is most interesting for the subtle sleight of meaning: Cable wrote “bankrupt a rich economy” when he means take back money stolen from the people by financial gangsters.  Cable is an obedient servant of such gangsters and he knows that Corbyn, and what follows Corbyn, will challenge the power and freedom of the wealth terrorists.

Cable on Lib Dems
There are sensible grown-ups in the Conservative party and the Labour Party and the Greens,” and “grown-up approach to the economy” are clumsy reveals of the superciliousness that is rampant in the Liberal Democrats.  Squeezed from both sides and exposed as pointless, they remain steadfastly haughty and wallow in their self-induced detachment.

Only the Liberal Democrats have the ideas, the experience and the commitment to transform the fortunes of our country.  A grown-up approach to the economy.  And bold ideas to strengthen our society through the 21st century.”
And these ideas are?  Well, nothing.  Maybe the website editor left the ideas out of the highlights of the speech.

In summary:


Out, out brief Cable!

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