One person is dodging scrutiny at the Football Association. Why?

The English Football Association is neck-deep in a mire of its own making.  Two issues related to (recently sacked) England Women’s team manager Mark Sampson have shown that the FA has remained committed to head-in-sand and/or brush-under-the-carpet strategies when faced with off the field problems.  The eager media are now biting down on the stories with emphasis on the incompetence, negligence and duplicity of the behaviour of senior FA executives and administrators.  Current protagonists Greg Clarke, Martin Glenn and Dan Ashworth and previous mandarins Greg Dyke, Trevor Brooking and Alex Horne are all persons of interest to investigative sports journalists and, surprisingly, to a parliamentary select committee.  However, a person who has occupied a senior FA administrative post for over a decade appears to be covered in Teflon.

Teflon Man

(Unelected) president of the FA, Prince William (another unelected appointment), has been there since 2006, succeeding his uncle.  For reasons unknown, the hungry media are neglecting to demand he should be subject to the same interrogation as other current or recent senior administrators.  Are these back-slapping contortionists in the media just absent-minded or have they deliberately left out the longest-serving FA mandarin from their investigations?  It’s a mystery.  

If any hack is congratulating her- or himself for their tenacity in pursuing answers from the FA, it is best to check if the president of the FA is excluded from scrutiny; if he is exempt from investigation by a journalist, then said journalist cannot claim honestly that their investigation is thorough.

Update: 19th October (2017)

Yesterday, some administrators from the FA answered questions from the digital, culture, sport and media parliamentary select committee.  Chairman Greg Clark and chief executive Martin Glenn were among those present but the president of the FA was absent.  He had not been asked to the committee hearing and he had not offered to attend.  Instead, he was enjoying yet another PR photo opportunity with his family. He was at an event promoting West Ham United – FA president visits West Ham.

Given the seriousness of the errors made by the football association, it is bizarre that he did not offer to take part in the select committee hearing.  His decision to use the day as a family photo op. reveals his abject lack of interest in the accusations of racism at the FA and it shows how pointless his role as president is.

One person is dodging scrutiny at the Football Association. Why?

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