Dishonest Pantomime by Theresa May re. Florence speech

At tax-payers’ expense Theresa May and a large team of lickspittles and sycophants jetted off for a jolly in Florence this week.  There, she delivered a contentless, waffling speech on the latest pseudo-nuanced anti-plan that the Tories have concocted regarding Britain’s departure from the EU.

No-one important from the EU was present.  The audience consisted of paid Tory lackeys and British media.  The speech could have been given anywhere; indeed, it could have just been released as a transcript.  

The only reason that May delivered the speech publicly, and in an exotic location, was to try to con British voters, EU citizens and businesses from around the world into believing that May had spoken in front of all the major protagonists at the EU and interested parties from other EU countries.  It was a pantomime, a con trick.  May used a similar trick during the first of this year’s general elections: She claimed to be travelling the country campaigning when the reality was that she spoke a few prepared platitudes to paid party members in empty warehouses.  The media helped her to misrepresent what she was doing.

Theresa May is a professional con artist and confidence trickster; she combines those attributes with abject stupidity.


Dishonest Pantomime by Theresa May re. Florence speech

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