Henry Bolton: Another UKIP toad peddling the same devisive dishonest tripe

UKIP managed to elect its latest leader this week.  Henry Bolton’s apotheosis was greeted outside of UKIP by indifference; many so-called professional political analysts needed to do some emergency research to find out who on earth he is.  

Henry Bolton

Bolton aided the research into his existence by having his own promotional website.  To Bolton’s credit, his website is not as imaginative as Paul Nuttall’s was.  

However, Bolton’s lack of imagination is suffocating.  On his (currently unavailable) website he regurgitated the sad tired old dishonest claptrap that UKIP has always used to con the electorate.  Below are a few examples.  (Quotes in italics are from Bolton’s website.)

Badly managed immigration and integration have polarised our society and have created mistrust, tension and insecurity.”
Correction: Right-wing politicians (like those in UKIP) and right-wing media have promoted division and have tried to encourage people to be anti-immigrant as a means of distracting people from the true causes of problems.

UKIP has a tradition of straight, honest talking; addressing problems that others are afraid to discuss.”
Correction: UKIP has a tradition of constantly lying and its elected MEPs have a culture of doing absolutely nothing other than raking in the expenses.

UKIP is traditionally a party that refuses to be labelled as left, centre or right.”
Correction: UKIP has always been a right-wing conservative party that fully supports exploitative capitalism, including being in favour of privatisation of the NHS.

We [the UK] do not yet have control of our borders; we do not have control over immigration.”
Correction: This statement by Bolton is just a LIE.

Bolton is the next cab off the rank of con artists at UKIP.  That is all.

Henry Bolton: Another UKIP toad peddling the same devisive dishonest tripe

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