Jacob Rees-Mogg: The archetypal Tory Gimp of Financial Gangsters

At this year’s (2017) Tory conference empty seats, vacuous pseudo-soundbites and excruciating attempts to invent a youth section have been accompanied at all times, as usual, by constant lies, misrepresentation and slander.  However, this year, not only has the slander been directed at Labour and other opponents but also directed inwardly.  While the infighting clowns throw barely disguised jibes at one another, in the land of the Tory morons, the slimy inhumane conman tries to be king.  

Warning: Rees-Mogg may approach

Jacob Rees-Mogg was taught at an early age how to make himself rich on the work of others with no contribution from himself whatsoever – at age 10 he “invested” some free money he’d been given and then complained that the “dividends” from the investment were too low.  That is, he was taught as a child to demand something for nothing at someone else’s expense.  He attended the financial gangsters’ gimps’ finishing school, Eton, and later, despite a disappointing result in his degree, he wrangled undeserved lucrative banking “jobs.”  

As an MP, Rees-Mogg has unwaveringly supported every policy that favours the wealthiest elite and has consistently opposed any policy that helps anyone else.  He has promoted bigotry as a tool to divide in order to distract people from their real enemy.  He has been an obedient servant of the financial gangsters while simultaneously lining his own deep pockets at tax payers’ expense; for example, his family home will receive a seven-figure sum from the tax-payers for “maintenance.”

Rees-Mogg is an archetypal Tory gimp of wealth thieves:

  • Taught as a child to be extremely selfish and to steal the wealth of others
  • Schooled at Eton in the arts of conmanship and confidence trickery
  • Never misses an opportunity to fleece the tax-payers for his own benefit
  • Repeatedly promotes bigotry as a distraction tool
  • Lies persistently about his intent and his actions

He epitomises the true state of what the Tory party is in all of its putridness.  

His popularity among some Tories and their enablers in the right-wing media is desperate; it is an admission that the party has no strong contender to succeed the hapless Theresa May.  

Rees-Mogg is just another conman, confidence trickster and liar.  He is nothing more than that.  All gangsters have such filth in their PR team.  

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Jacob Rees-Mogg: The archetypal Tory Gimp of Financial Gangsters

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