The Bow Group

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“The Bow Group is chiefly engaged in the policy making process of the UK Conservative Party, which it seeks to contribute to, influence, and hold to scrutiny of the wider conservative movement.

The Bow Group is a subset of the Tory party that acts both as an internal organisational body and externally as a means to promote conservative ideology.  In the latter form Bow Group exists to con the media and public with the false assertion that it is sometimes distinct from general conservative ideology.  This con trick was devised simply to acquire more airtime and media space for conservative views.  The Bow Group’s political stance is wholly within normal conservative viewpoints and it has no particular consistent position.  That is, as a political sub-group, Bow Group is entirely unnecessary and insufficient.

Bow Group’s dishonesty and intent are clear from a sentence in an 2015 article in Bow Group webzine Crossbow:

If Conservatives want to place clear blue water between this parliamentary term and the coalition years and truly reverse the error of 13 years of Labour government, they have to hold the prime minister to account and ensure that they drag the Conservative Party to the right, rather than allowing Corbyn to drag our politics further to the left.”

Bow Group is peopled with potential Tory protagonists, normally selected from university conservative societies, and the undead like Norman Tebbit.  Many current Tory MPs are former Bow Group “alumni.”

Bow Group chairman Ben Harris-Quinney

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The Bow Group

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