CPC17: May Speech: Lies and slander and nothing else


Scripted by Bob Fleming, props supplied by The Chuckle Brothers and aided by Simon Brodkin, Theresa May delivered an entirely predictable speech today at the Tory conference.  The speech was predictably packed full of vacuous soundbites, stupid catchphrases, lies about the intent of the Tory government, lies about the intent of the opposition, lies about her own political philosophy, meaningless distractions and misdirections, and downright slander of the opposition.  It was a speech designed to deceive and it was stuffed with utter contempt for the intelligence of the British people.

The relentless blatant shameless lying was entirely predictable because that it what May has always done.  She knows that a compliant dishonest media will embellish her words to try to promote them as positive.  The last seven years of Tory rule have been dominated by deliberate misrepresentation of government intent and of government achievement.  It has been one long scam.

Speech Overview

May claimed in her speech that energy bills will be capped.  The privatised public utility services are just a means of printing money for offshore wealth terrorists and May has no intention of putting a stop to that.  If any action is taken by the government it will be minuscule, ineffectual and a confidence trick.

May promised that £2bn will be invested in new houses.  But, after the speech, it was admitted that the number of houses that will be built is very small relative to what is required and hardly any of the houses will be “affordable.”  The £2bn is just a handout of tax-payers’ money to property developer friends of the Tories with no benefit for those seeking homes.

May said there will be a “review” of university fees and a cap on the current levels.  This is immediately after a rise in fees and immediately after a large rise in interest rates on student loan repayments.  In other words, another confidence trick, another scam.

May announced an independent review of the Mental Health Act.  The Tory government has made the lives of people with mental health issues worse via drastic cuts to available medical help, huge increases in homelessness, severe cuts to benefits and a vicious benefits sanctions regime that has led directly to the deaths of many people with mental health difficulties.  For the Tories to launch an “independent review” is taking the piss.

The speech induced nausea and greater anger when May began talking absolute tripe about a “British dream.”  She meant a scenario whereby anyone from any background can attain their dreams.  That is precisely the scenario that the Tories have spent seven years destroying by making education less accessible, by making buying a home much more difficult and by making building a career much more difficult.  Her straight-faced hypocrisy was infuriating; it induced fury in the listener.  

May knew that attacking Labour policies would not work because such policies are popular and because the Tories are pretending to copy the policies.  So, she restricted herself to pathetic slander and petulance.  She made a knowingly stupid comparison of Corbyn’s Labour with the current Venezuelan government, she made a blatantly slanderous claim that Labour is “riven with anti-Semitism” and attacked Labour MP Laura Pidcock because the latter had said that she would not socialise with Tories.  Pidcock was absolutely right to say what she had said and it was great to hear a Labour MP say that.

It was an awful speech, infested with lies, punctuated by unintentional comedy and utterly worthless.  Tripe.

CPC17: May Speech: Lies and slander and nothing else

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