Tory Bratboys in Parliament

In the olden days, the 1980s, Tory backbenchers were chinless, inbred weirdos parachuted into parliament via an antiquated system of political incest that favoured stupidity.  They were what Jacob Rees-Mogg pretends to be.  

Today, the back benches of the Tory party are home to truculent, unintelligent trolls and thugs.  The politics is exactly the same as before, the relentless dishonesty and confidence tricks are exactly the same, the detachment from any concept of the social nature of humanity is exactly the same and the gimp-like obedience to the instructions of the free marketeer exploiters is exactly the same; the difference is a change in style of communication.

The Bratboys know that their party has nothing to offer and that it has been rumbled.  It is not possible to defend (with a straight face) the heady mix of continuous lies and unbridled incompetence in the Tory government.  Lickspittles try a smiling fraudulent defence of Tory destruction but, inevitably, cast themselves as unthinking automatons with the integrity of chocolate Agas.   

But, Bratboys don’t want to be anonymous drones.  Bratboys crave the notoriety and effect of the dumbest media and social media trolls, and they use the same trolls’ tactics to attain that effect: They lie, insult, provoke, denigrate and smirk, as rudely as possible, to get a reaction, and keep throwing the distracting dead cats down to dodge debate.  

Bratboys want to occupy others’ debating time in order to deter real discussion.  Their stupefacio operandi mimics that of badly nurtured pre-teen brats who stop the adults from having an intelligent informative conversation.  Deliberate childish provocation and persistent petulance are the most popular tactics used, accompanied by the smug smirk of a pickpocket who observes his victim looking for a misplaced wallet.

When the Bratboys lie about Tory (non-)achievements or about Labour policy they are not pretending to be serious like the aforesaid automatons; the Bratboys are lying dramatically and visibly: “Look at me, lying.  Isn’t that hilarious?”  When they mock those less fortunate than themselves, people who are suffering due to Tory destruction of society, the Tory Bratboys do so with gleeful nastiness descending toward ghoulishness.

Everything done by the Bratboys is deliberate, not gaffes and not due to inexperience.  However, that doesn’t mean that there is intelligence behind their acts.  There is no intelligence, but even a dung beetle knows how to roll a piece of hippopotamus turd into a transportable spheroid.

Andrew Percy, Johnny Mercer, James Cleverly, Greg Hands and Andrew Griffiths

Venn diagram
The Venn diagram below shows where the Tory Bratboys sit.


Tory Bratboys in Parliament

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