Why Do Private Schools Still Exist?

A need for private schools?

Regardless of political outlook, any government of a state, country or nation has both a moral responsibility to provide education for all children living there and a logical responsibility to ensure every child has an education to enhance the future prosperity of the nation.  It is intellectually absurd and economically stupid to deny access to education.  The education provided should be as strong in quality as it is in quantity, and should fully extend the capability to learn for each child.  Such an approach to education is compatible with a concept of humanity and is basic common sense with respect to ensuring the nation is full of intelligent, knowledgeable and useful people.

A corollary to the above argument is that if any parent has reached a genuine conclusion that their child needs to attend a private school then the state has failed to provide adequate schooling.

In Britain there has been a succession of grossly incompetent and deliberately destructive Tory education ministers.  The deliberate destruction of state education, including targetted under-funding and a stupidly provocative stance toward teachers’ unions, is a tool of promotional misinformation designed to create an entirely spurious need for major changes in state education.  The changes the Tories have aimed for are to use state education as a means to channel public money (taxes) into the grasping hands of dodgy “owners” of “academies” and “free schools.”  

Understandably, many parents, dismayed by the constant downgrading of state education by the Tories, have been forced to consider private schools for their children.  

Elite Schools

The existence of the most expensive elite private schools is not due to the (lack of) quality of state education.  Eton, Harrow, Westminster, St. Paul’s, Winchester, Charterhouse, Dulwich etc. are not the schools that parents choose if they are concerned about the decline in state education.  These elite schools have a different role in British society.

The elite schools exist to artificially perpetuate a system of power and control, entirely diametrically opposed to democracy, in government, the armed forces, the judiciary and the media.  The Tory party (and other parties to a lesser extent), senior roles in the armed forces and judiciary and many senior positions in mainstream media (including, most notably, the BBC) are infested with the product of elite school training.  The individual parts of these infestations are not where they are due to ability or suitability; they are the elements of a deliberate policy of specific training followed by placement.  

The students are trained, at the elite schools and then at some of the Oxford and Cambridge colleges, to be obedient servants of the financial establishment in whatever component of power and control they are placed.  The elite schools perform the intertwined tasks of training the students and of recognising which of them would be most suitable.  Not only are they are not required to be intelligent but it is an advantage for them to be as thick as minced grouse.  Pliable, bereft of any concept of social empathy, ambitious and lazy are ideal characteristics.  

In particular, the students are trained, to the point of psychological imprint, to believe in the unchallengeable right of the financial establishment to remain in charge.  They are trained to be focussed, throughout their ensuing professional careers, on feeding this establishment without wavering and without ever even thinking that any other system should prevail.  The pupils who are turned into establishment gimps are tools but, individually, they benefit financially, often as millionaires and almost always at tax-payers’ expense.  It is a system that feeds itself but the bill is paid by everyone else outside this privileged bubble.

Boris Johnson David Cameron Paralympic caulderon
Old Etonians Boris Johnson and David Cameron

Former prime minister David Cameron attained entry to Eton College via family connections and via the tax-dodged wealth of his father.  He followed a typical career route from Eton to Oxford university to PR to politics.  His tenure as prime minister was wholly characterised by the following qualities:

  • Dim intelligence
  • No concept of human empathy
  • Relentless lying
  • Unwavering focus on supporting the financial elite
  • Rudeness
  • Cowardice
  • Obfuscation

That is, his persona and his decisions as prime minister were consequences of his Eton training.  Cameron is the archetypal elite private school product.  The training of the future gimps of wealth terrorists is not a by-product of the elite private schools, it is their reason to exist.  Thus, Cameron is their greatest achievement.

Who Pays?
The elite private schools are very secretive about their funding.  The students’ details are kept secret so that whoever pays the fees cannot be traced.  Large donations from the worlds of business and finance are hidden.  Fees and donations are tax-free which helps to hide them.  The secretive nature of the funding allows cash to be “stored” as a donation.  It stinks.

Why Do Private Schools Still Exist?

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