If you have a Tory friend, now is the time for your friendship to end

Labour MP Laura Pidcock made a sensible comment about not being friends with Tory MPs.  Anyone opposed to Tory destruction of society welcomed Pidcocks’s remarks.  The comments were mocked by right-wing media and Tory MPs, but Tory MPs never care about being disliked.

Predictably, the useless centrist gloop ambled over to butt in because it prefers not to miss any limp opportunity to attack a colleague of Corbyn.  The problem for the Progress and Guardian types is that even Labour supporters who are not huge Corbyn fans were still supportive of what Laura Pidcock said, but that didn’t stop the professional centrists from droning on.

Happy friends
As laughable as it sounds, happy stories about Labour and Tory politicians being pals are a theme of the centrist analysis.  Part-time Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff’s Fiercest of rivals, best of friends, (“researched” before Laura Pidcock’s comment), contains a few embellished stories of pairs of politicians having fun together.  The obvious flaw in Hinsliff’s political portmanteaux is that the “Labour” MPs chosen, Jess Phillips, Frank Field, Ruth Smeeth, are already much closer to May than Corbyn – the exception being Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti – and so “fiercest rivals” is a false statement.  The creative writing in the concocted section on Ruth Smeeth and Tory Bratboy Johnny Mercer was particularly nauseous.  

Hinsliff’s pre-amble in her article, (written after Laura Pidcock’s comment), depicted a centrist’s utopia of “rivals” in parliament and friends afterward. [Pidcocks]’s an exception rather than the rule, in a place where even fierce ideological opponents rarely hate each other half as much as outsiders think” she claimed.  To single out Pidcock was false, petty and deliberate misrepresentation, but a problem with the current parliamentary system is that there are not many “fierce ideological opponents” and that it is true most MPs “rarely hate each other.”  However, Hinsliff was wrong to say “outsiders” have not noticed the lack of vitriol and she knows it is incorrect to say they hadn’t noticed; the public have always been aware of a lack of genuine challenge to the exploitative status quo.  It is the existence of, or the potentiality of, a genuine challenge that scares the centrists; that is why Laura Pidcock’s comment has bothered them.  

In politics, “tribalism” means unwavering support for one political party over another when the two parties occupy similar positions on the political spectrum.  The word is used to imply that two such parties should work together or even coalesce.  However, “tribalism” is not an applicable description in oppositional politics: Political parties with opposite viewpoints and ideologies are required to be in battle.  In particular, opposition to the Tories’ destruction of society should be combative, relentless, focussed and cold.  Opponents of socialism enjoy word-fraud and jumbling definitions and so use “tribalism,” wrongly, in the latter scenario described above.

In the current structure of British politics the parliamentary cosiness is intrinsically anti-democratic and has turned the election of government into just a bland choice of administrations with similar objectives rather than a genuine choice of political ideologies.  The enabling centre is keen to help to perpetuate the uselessness of the cosy atmosphere.  For them, political “opposition” isn’t a challenge to what exists, it is merely a career, and that career is defined by its obsequiousness.

Centrists’ utopia

What are you?
Thankfully, British politics is moving toward combative politics.  Know where you stand and what you are against.  It’s not a parlour game, it’s people’s lives. 

If you have a Tory friend
Now is the time, now is the time for your friendship to end
Be it your sister
Be it your brother
Be it your cousin or your, uncle or your lover
If you have a Tory friend
now is the time, now is the time for your friendship to end
Be it your best friend
Or any other
Is it your husband or your father or your mother?
Tell them to change their views
Or change their friends
Now is the time, now is the time, for your friendship to end
So if you know a Tory who thinks he is your friend
Now is the time, now is the time for your friendship to end
Call yourself my friend?
Now is the time to make up your mind, don’t try to pretend
Be it your sister
Be it your brother
Be it your cousin or your uncle or your lover
So if you are a Tory
Our friendship has got to end
And if your friends are Tories don’t pretend to be my friend
So if you have a Tory friend
Now is the time, now is the time for our friendship to end
If you have a Tory friend, now is the time for your friendship to end

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