The Royal Family and Remembrance

Yesterday (November 11th 2017) was Remembrance Day in the UK and commonwealth.  The parasites from the royal family were at the Festival of Remembrance.  

World War 1 was a family squabble for land and wealth between various branches of the same mob of inbred royals.  Millions died because the royal sons of royal brothers and royal sisters couldn’t communicate with each other in an adult manner.  Meanwhile, soon after the end of the war, the Bolsheviks took a different tack to dealing with royals.

The men in the royal family strut around like pin cushions with so many unearned medals on their weak chests.  There is no bravery in the royal family.  The undead Prince Philip scarpered from Greece with his family in the late 1930s the first time a Greek communist popped up and said “Boo!”  Prince Andrew’s only connection with war is as an arms broker for a variety of brutal dictators.  Prince ‘Harry’ described working as a helicopter pilot as like being in a computer game.

The British royal family, like other similar European royal families – all blood-connected several times over in an incest orgy, has been the cause of military conflict for centuries.  The aim of these conflicts they caused has been to enhance their own wealth regardless of the consequences for the people.  Further, via (often offshore) investments, the royals benefit financially from the arms industry.  This week, the shameless multi-million pound tax-dodging of the queen and Prince Charles has been exposed while thousands of veterans are destitute and homeless in Britain.

When a royal views remembrance it sees the people who risked life and limb so that the royal could become wealthier.  The queen and her family and their ancestors have the blood of millions on their hands and the toil of millions in their offshore accounts.

Prince Andrew, thinking about an arms deal
The Royal Family and Remembrance

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