Le Charlatan Est Dans L’Arbre

Où est mon bicyclette?

Veteran entertainer Eddie Izzard keeps trying to get elected to Labour’s National Executive Committee.  He has elucidated his pro-Blair anti-Corbyn political perspective many times but, for his latest attempt to stifle the advance of socialism in the Labour Party, Izzard has chosen to wilfully misrepresent his own political stance.  He is pretending to be unaligned with any particular subset of Labour and classifying himself as “independent.”  (I use the word “pretending” as a nod to politeness; the more accurate word “lying” is so aggressive.)

Solomon Hughes gave a full account of Izzard’s deliberate misrepresentation on the Vice website: Izzard’s Con.  Therein, Hughes revealed that Izzard and his fellow “independent” NEC candidates are aligned with right-of-centre disruptors Labour First, an infiltration group that is notoriously anti-Corbyn.  These candidates and Labour First claimed that their connection to each other is not obscured, but the only pointer to Labour First on the “independent” candidates’ website is a tiny, barely visible and falsely worded link.  Solomon Hughes showed how hidden this link is in his article:


The double con
Izzard and his “independent” colleagues are executing a double con.
CON 1: Their political perspective claims to be opposed to Tory exploitation but it is just a variant of the latter.  They offer a different administration but not different politics.
CON 2: They falsely claim not to be aligned with an anti-Corbyn group within Labour and try to hide that affiliation.

The shady behaviour of Izzard and his “independent” colleagues is unsurprising.  They support a political stance that has been simultaneously rejected and revealed as utterly defunct.  They are wholly unable to present what they support with any coherence or with any honesty.  All they can do is misrepresent both themselves and their left-wing opponents.  Their ethos is dishonesty driven by cowardice.

Le Charlatan Est Dans L’Arbre

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