British Tax Havens Are Acts Of War Against British People

The empire of tax avoidance is outside of the connected national and regional economies of the world.  Tax havens are effectively on another planet.  That’s how the wealthiest like it.  Their enablers in governments impose restrictions on all of the people of the world and then they operate off-world.  It is a worldwide racket, the biggest mass theft in the history of mankind.  It is a continuous war against 99.9% of the world’s population.

Some remaining outposts of the decayed British empire exist solely as fake locations to dodge taxes that should be paid to the British exchequer.  The current Tory government has no interest in addressing this multi-billion pound per year theft; the Tories exist to feed the wealthiest exploiters not to take from them.  

Any later British government that is sincere about fighting the extreme tax-dodgers will not achieve success just by changing laws in the UK.  Such a UK government will be unable, on its own, to effect sufficient change in the non-British tax havens, such as Panama.  But, it could force the British tax havens to halt their participation in the global racket.

British tax havens: Deliberate creations by venal British governments
The extents of respective separations of British overseas territories from Britain vary but they are not independent states.  All the territories rely on Britain for military defence and all of their permanent residents have access to British passports.  Their separate tax systems steal billions every year from the people of Britain but their residents do not benefit; the stolen money just disappears.  

All British overseas territories have been independent and have been part of the British empire; some have been components of other imperialist empires.  The common factor for each territory is that, within the last half-century, its structure of government was changed deliberately to turn it into a tax haven.  The instructions for these changes came from British governments.  

The respective histories of the British territories are now irrelevant.  They are created locations for the wealthiest to use as tools to steal billions, the result of which directly affects the livelihoods and lifespans of British people.  They are safe locations for war against British people.  That is all they are and they should be dealt with exactly how any safe location for war should be tackled: By force.

Destroy the fake autonomy of British tax havens
Artificially created tax havens have no right to autonomy or quasi-independence because British governments (re)invented the current status of these territories as tax-dodging cons.  A British government that is genuine about ending this racket should not waste time with requests for change in the British tax havens and it should not try to attain a woolly compromise.  The only successful option to take is to erase the fake autonomy and impose British tax laws on the territories.  Any resistance to such imposition should be moved aside by whatever means are necessary.  Each set-up of a tax haven was an act of war against British people and its removal should be of the form of defence against an act of war.

Replacing the fake administrations and removing the criminal tax-dodging systems would not be a difficult physical challenge because none of the British tax havens has the physical capacity to defend themselves and none can call on other countries for assistance.  

If a new government is sincere about tackling tax avoidance then it shouldn’t shirk from using whatever tactics are needed.

House of Keys, Isle of Man (left)


British Tax Havens Are Acts Of War Against British People

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