Privatisation Of Public Services? It’s Just Theft

The Tories perceive all public services as merely schemes to enhance the unearned wealth of extreme exploiters.  The process that enables the transfer of tax-payers’ money into the hands of a small wealthy minority is well-established and used widely.

  1. Privatise and/or remove the public service from central government or council control.
  2. Hand over tax-payers’ money to the new “owners/administrators” of the public service.
  3. The charlatans who run the service fleece a huge percentage of the public money given to them and the service is poor and expensive for the public.

The public pay three times to feed the unearned profits of the financial charlatans:

  • Taxes that are handed over to the administrators of the public service.
  • Extortionate cost of using the service (for example rail fares, gas bills, etc.).
  • Poor quality service that encourages some people (who can afford it) to use private services that require extra fees (for example private healthcare and schools).

Throughout the 1980s and since 2010, the Tories have “privatised” most necessary public services including utilities (gas, electricity, water), housing, education, health service, transport, police, prisons, probation service, immigration services, refuse collection, welfare services, etc.  For all of these necessary public services, there has been a stream of billions of tax-payers’ money being swallowed by insatiable appetites accompanied by huge increases in costs of the services and rapid decline in their quality.  The decline in quality has led to deaths. 

The so-called “privatisation,” started by Thatcher’s Tories, was never intended to improve quality or to provide better value for (tax-payers’) money.  It is not privatisation; it is theft, theft of money from the British public and theft of vital services.  The current Tories exist to assist with this theft.  Most Tory MPs and peers are in parliament to focus on finding more services that can be used to feed the wealthiest selfish profiteers. 

Public services handed over to privateers provide a constant and never-ending stream of free money because the services are both a monopoly and a necessity.  If any difficulties arise then the government just hands over some more cash to be siphoned off by the privateers.  The private businesses that run public services never need to be concerned with quality, or competition or value for money because the necessity of the service makes them immune from the normal vagaries of running a business.  Unearned profits are guaranteed regardless of quality of service or of cost to the users; they just sit there as open-mouthed gluttons. 

Typically, the public money is handed over by the Tories to a handful of racketeers who register a fake company in a tax haven and “employ” people locally to do the work, in insecure jobs, with inadequate training, low pay and an absence of legally required employer commitments such as holiday pay, sick pay, over-time pay, redundancy pay, union recognition, etc.  There is complete separation between the owners of the private businesses that run public services and the people who do the work.  All the people doing the work could be employed by government, councils or other state agencies.  Most of the public services are locally managed services.  There is nothing that the owners do that could not be done by a public body. 

An ill person, a disabled person or a child that needs an education are used as opportunities for the lowest breed of human to make money and the Tories are their enablers.  Human necessities like water, heating, housing, health services, police service, fire service, etc. are exploited as means of profit for a small elite of grotesques.

Tory privatisation is theft and a scam.

An ambulance with a G4S logo on it

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Privatisation Of Public Services? It’s Just Theft

3 thoughts on “Privatisation Of Public Services? It’s Just Theft

  1. […] The role of a Tory government is to hand public money to wealth terrorists.  Every opportunity to enable this transfer of money is taken.  Vital public services are used by the Tories as funnels to feed the ever-unsatiated appetites of international financial gangsters.  It is a simple process: The Tories pretend to provide funding for a public service but most of the money is siphoned off by criminals who “own” fabricated private businesses.  The public service remains under-funded and the tax-payers are fleeced.  It is described as “privatisation” but  Tory privatisation is theft and a scam.   […]

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