Tory Reshuffle: Internal party appointments emphasise its weaknesses

Alongside a few ministerial changes in this week’s error-strewn Tory reshuffle, the prime minister made some appointments within the party.  

Four new party appointments are:

1. Tory Party Chairman: Brandon Lewis
When housing minister, Lewis was keen to remove as many heath and safety regulations and requirements for property developers regardless of potential risk to users of the properties.  He opposed the mandatory installation of sprinklers in buildings.  In typical conman’s gobblydegook Lewis said “we believe that it is the responsibility of the fire industry, rather than the Government, to market fire sprinkler systems effectively and to encourage their wider installation” – Lewis on sprinklers.  What is the “fire industry?”  The fire service is a public service.  (Most property developers are willing donors to the Tory party.)

Lewis swindled the tax payers of tens of thousands of pounds in decadent expensive hotel stays in London despite living within commutable distance: Lewis hotel stays.

As immigration minister, Lewis lied in the House of Commons about the indefinite detention of immigrants.  Quoted in Lewis on immigration detention, he said “we do not have indefinite detention in this country.  In our policies is always a presumption of liberty.  Individuals are detained for no longer than is necessary.”  Every word in those sentences is a lie.

He elucidated his views on immigration in Lewis on immigration wherein he pretended to conclude that “it is the Conservatives who are showing true compassion” immediately before he declared “we [the Tories] are the ones focused on preventing illegal migration.”  He blamed immigrants for the exploitative landlords and employers who house or employ them.  The entire article was from a far-right template for anti-immigrant diatribes.  Utterly disreputable and wholly dishonest.

2. Tory Party Deputy Chairman: James Cleverly
Intellectually, Cleverly is bathophobic.  He uses a brattish mode of communication to obscure his abject lack of knowledge and wit.  His social media performances imitate the output of bot trolls.  His preferred tactic when engaged with someone to his left politically is to shout “Stalin!”  Coincidently, here is a photo of Cleverly taking instructions from a murdering, thieving dictator:

Yes, your majesty

3. Tory Party Vice Chair For Youth: Ben Bradley
Ben Bradley is twenty-eight years old and, thus, for that reason only, he has been assigned the impossible role of persuading younger people to vote Tory.  In preparation for this role Bradley has voted “against increased funding of public services; against scrapping university tuition fees; against restoring Education Maintenance Allowance, maintenance grants and nurses’ bursaries; against ending the public sector pay cap and against increasing the minimum wage.”  (Taken from Bradley parliament votes)

He voted to stay in the EU but changed his mind after the referendum because he didn’t like the EU’s response to the Brexit vote – Bradley In/Out.  Was he ignorant ahead of the referendum or is his change of mind pragmatic careerism?  He expressed his newly found support for Brexit with gibberish: “Yes, I want security and certainty for my children, but I also want them to be able to forge their own path. Yes, I want them to be part of a global economy and to be able to travel and deal with the whole world, but actually that’s exactly what Brexit can achieve for them: a Britain that is outward-looking and that has a positive relationship not just with Europe but with countries all over the world; a Britain that is more comfortable with itself and more able to control its own destiny; an independent country that recognises its global role but actually puts Britain and British people first.”

Bradley stated that people who claim benefits should have vasectomies: “How many children you have is a choice; if you can’t afford them, stop having them! Vasectomies are free,” quoted in Bradley on families.

He asked the police to be violent and to break the law in an analysis of civil unrest that was a consequence of the police killing of Mark Duggan: Bradley wants brutality.

He criticised public service employees who had campaigned for better pay, pensions and working conditions, all of which had been attacked relentlessly by the Tories.  Quoted in Bradley on public sector workers, he said “if you think your job or your pay isn’t good enough for you, quit!  There are millions and millions of other people who will quite happily take your burden off your hands! If you think you deserve better pay, then get a job with better pay.  If you don’t feel capable of getting a job with better pay then be grateful for the one you’ve got!”

4. Tory Party Vice Chair For Women: Maria Caulfield
Maria Caulfield is opposed to abortion and she has supported use of a 19th century law that limited abortion: Caulfield on abortion.

Caulfield admitted in a submission to a Bew Report (page 77) that she has developed many tactics to dodge speaking to her constituents: “I now have video entry only into my constituency office. I have panic alarms installed. I only post on social media after I have attended events so people can’t track my movements, on the advice of local police. I no longer put anything personal on social media.  I no longer hold open surgeries, they are by appointment only and are not advertised in advance.


  • Lewis is a typical detached Tory who favours elite wealth terrorists and who promotes prejudice to encourage division.
  • Cleverly is a clown.
  • Bradley is a careerist with no principles and no consistency of opinion.
  • Caulfield doesn’t enjoy being an MP and is opposed to gender equality.

None of these appointments will help the Tory party to increase its membership or its appeal.  Opponents of the Tories have nothing to be concerned about.

Tory Reshuffle: Internal party appointments emphasise its weaknesses

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