Theresa May is not inspired by the suffragettes; her hero is Joe McCarthy

Today, Theresa May delivered a speech that she claimed was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women first being given the right to vote in Britain. 

She used the speech as an opportunity to continue to promote the Tories’ attacks on free speech and the Tories’ restrictions on the right to campaign against Tory policies.

The Tories are seeking to severely restrict online activism.  Taking inspiration from China and Turkey, the Tories’ intent is to censor political activism online.  This censorship is to be enacted under the guise of tackling ‘fake news.’

May said in today’s speech that social media is being “exploited and abused, often anonymously” and is “toxifying” public debate.  What May didn’t mention were the constant daily lies, distractions, abuse and slander in the mainstream media; she also didn’t mention that Tory social media accounts, many of which are anonymous, such as this septet: Tory twitter accounts, are full of lies, abuse and libel.  She didn’t mention that Tory Bratboys James Cleverly, Brandon Lewis and Ben Bradley had been appointed by the Tory party specifically to be abusive, provocative and to lie relentlessly. 

Her target is left-wing activism online.  She knows that such activism has been successful.  It has exposed Tory intent and the consequences of Tory policies.  The only response the Tories have to the success of online left-wing activism is to try to shut it down with censorship.  The Tories’ attempt to define all left-wing online activism as ‘fake news’ has been going on for over a year: Tory campaign against ‘fake news’.

In her speech May said the Government will launch a consultation to make intimidating parliamentary candidates and campaigners an offence under electoral law, with the loss of the right-to-vote as a possible consequence.  The intent to enact this disgusting attack on the right-to-vote was the reason Theresa May asked Lord Bew to concoct a review and report on ‘intimidation of MPs.’  Under instruction from May, the agenda-driven Bew Report was created with the specific purpose of creating false groundwork for the Tories to propose a law restricting the right-to-vote.  The report depicts social media activism as an evil to be crushed while totally exonerating mainstream media for any blame or wrongdoing: Analysis of Bew Report.

Many Tories MPs presented “evidence” to be used in the Bew report.  Their “evidence” was easily exposed as agenda-driven nonsense: Intimidation of politicians?

The Tories’ intentions are clear: More censorship of oppositional voices.  The Tories are losing all battles of ideas because they have no ideas, and they have no control over independent left-wing news sites and activists, so their only option is censorship.

Theresa May praised the suffragettes but May is not their political descendant.  May is a child of Joe McCarthy.

Theresa May is not inspired by the suffragettes; her hero is Joe McCarthy

One thought on “Theresa May is not inspired by the suffragettes; her hero is Joe McCarthy

  1. Phil says:

    I detest almost everything that May stands for, but I can’t see anything in your article that indicates May has been inspired by McCarthy. Her actions may be argued as ‘McCarthyism’ but you’ve written that “Her hero is Joe McCarthy, ” I can’t stand this woman’s cant and hypocrisy but I doubt if she’s ever made such a statement as “My hero is Joe McCarthy” you’re treading a sort of Daily Mail style line here.,

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