Respect a Tory MP? No thanks

The Tories have been whining about ‘respect’ in politics.  They are demanding that everyone respects the Tories.

That are two obvious problems with the Tories asking people to respect them.

1) The Tories respect no-one except a handful of financial gangsters for whom they work.
2) Everything the Tories do and say should elicit exactly the opposite of respect.

Tories have no respect for anyone
For the Tories to be able to focus exclusively on increasing the unearned wealth of financial gangsters, they must be imbued exhaustively with utter contempt for humanity.  Because they are unable to declare their true status as gimps of wealth terrorism, every presentation by the Tories of their intent and of their policies needs to be a fabrication; they have no choice.  These fabrications must be omnipresent and ever-present.

Therefor, every day the Tories dodge every question put to them by other politicians and the media.  The responses to such questions are either blatant unashamed lies or else laughable distractions, or both.  This happens every time to every question.  It is a deliberate policy; every Tory MP and every Tory spokesperson behaves evasively and dishonestly without deviation.  The evasiveness and distractions include irrelevant comments, abuse and deceptive fake statistics.  The deluge of fake statistics and made-up “facts” is relentless.  Recent appointees in the Tory party – Ben Bradley, Brandon Lewis, Maria Caulfield and James Cleverly – were chosen because of their respective aptitudes for lying in large volume and constantly.  The main Tory party social media accounts publish only lies, distractions and made-up statistics.  This strategy is the only strategy that the Tories have.

The contempt that the Tories have for the people of Britain is displayed in their coordinated laughter when politicians from other parties are highlighting the cruel (and often fatal) consequences of vicious Tory policy.  The Tories’ tactic is to laugh and giggle in the faces of people who are very ill or disabled or homeless or dead.  The Tories wallow in their own abject lack of humanity.  This laughter and contempt is repeated in the interactions the Tories have on social media.  Disdain for the public, for the recipients of Tory cruelty, is a necessity for the Tory methodology.

The Tories have no respect for medical professionals, teachers, judges, police officers, soldiers, scientists, pensioners, children, the ill and infirm, anybody with a physical or mental disability, homeless people; it is everyone apart from a few tax-dodging wealth terrorists who keep the Tories’ hands laden with cash.

The Tories’ aversion to having respect for anyone is often expressed as hatred.

Iain Duncan-Smith

No Tory deserves any respect
The Tories demand respect in one direction.  But, not only do they have no respect for anyone, there is no Tory who deserves any respect at all. 

The role of a Tory government is to hand public money to wealth terrorists.  Every opportunity to enable this transfer of money is taken.  Vital public services are used by the Tories as funnels to feed the ever-unsatiated appetites of international financial gangsters.  It is a simple process: The Tories pretend to provide funding for a public service but most of the money is siphoned off by criminals who “own” fabricated private businesses.  The public service remains under-funded and the tax-payers are fleeced.  It is described as “privatisation” but  Tory privatisation is theft and a scam.  

Privatisation of management of social housing in Kensington in London was a tool to transfer public money (council tax) into the grubby hands of invented businesses; privatisation of NHS components provides a huge stream of unearned cash for (non-)suppliers of vital services, like Virgin; privatisation of security, including police, is a huge industry for contentless ephemeral international security pseudo-companies, like G4S; privatisation of welfare administration is a forest of free money trees for charlatans masquerading as businesses, like ATOS.  In these examples, and thousands of others, public money is thrown into a pit full of thieving scum while people, for whom the service is supposed to exist, die.  When a Tory sees someone in need of assistance the only thought the Tory has is how can the financial gangsters make money of the person’s predicament.

Not only is death a consequence of Tory ideology but it also, often, the aim.  The multi-trillion dollar arms industry succeeds financially only if people are getting killed.  The Tories are eager brokers and enablers for the arms industry and they don’t mind with whom they deal.  Kurdish civilians in Syria being blown up by Turkish bombs and Yemeni civilians being blown up by Saudi bombs are victims of deals organised and funded by Theresa May.  Death and destruction means more arms purchased, with public money.  British soldiers are sent to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria to fight in wars about oil or imperialist control; when they return injured they are ignored by the Tories and some die homeless.

The Tories are vile enemies of society and enemies of humanity.  They are gimps of wealth terrorists who use government as a tool to fleece the public.  They have no interest in the health or welfare of the public.  For the Tories, people are either fodder to enhance financial gangsters’ profits or else just in the way.  The Tories are thieves, relentless liars and willing exponents of social murder.

The Tories demand respect.  It is forced respect based on threats.  The Tories are promoting two inter-connected campaigns against “fake news” and “intimidation of public figures.”  Both campaigns are intrinsically dishonest; both have been created to create false groundwork for censorship of oppositional political activism.  The Tories are threatening social media businesses if the latter don’t censor anti-Tory political activism and the Tories are threatening activists with removal of the right-to-vote if they don’t kiss Tory backsides.

No-one with any personal integrity should respect a Tory.  Anyone who believes they are social members of the human race should have no respect at all for a Tory.  They deserve the exact opposite of respect, always, and as forcibly as possible.

Respect a Tory? Here’s some respect!
Respect a Tory MP? No thanks

3 thoughts on “Respect a Tory MP? No thanks

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