Brexit: Boris Johnson’s speech at Policy Exchange

Trained at wealth terrorists’ finishing school Eton, Boris Johnson is bereft of any concept of membership of society.  He has been taught that vehement adherence to selfishness is the only oath to take in life.  Equally, he was inculcated to be ignorant of any difference between truth and lies.  His entire political life has focussed on enabling his acquirement of unearned wealth and assisting the financial gangsterism of like-minded enemies of humanity.  

Prior to the respective campaigns to retain EU membership and to leave, Boris hawked his support to the highest bidder; the financial backers of Leave won.  His support for exiting the EU is based solely on that higher offer for his vocal and political support.  Principles are anathema to Johnson.

A question that is periodically posed about Johnson asks if his apparent stupidity and woeful lack of knowledge is an act or a true representation of his vacancy.  The latter option is true but it doesn’t matter if his buffoonery is an act or else an attempt to hide his ignorance because it achieves its aim of distraction and avoidance; the Johnson persona is a product of his training.

Today, Boris Johnson expelled flatus at a small gathering of titterers at right-wing think-tank Policy Exchange.  The speech lacked any content because Johnson has no insight to offer, he is incapable of understanding analysis and he knows that there are no cohesive or truthful arguments to support his stance.  Cod patriotism mixed with barely disguised snide comments at political opponents, within and without the Tory party, were delivered to a small fanclub.  Empty soundbites jostled with pathetic nods to a fantasy of Britain trading successfully with the whole world after the EU exit. 

He was deliberately anti-intellectual.  Of course, he is incapable of being intellectual but his postured emphasis on blissful simplicity was an appeal to anywhere but the brain.  Johnson’s strategy, honed at the aforesaid school, was to denigrate the natural human capacity to seek to learn, be informed and, thus, make good decisions in life; like all enablers of elite control, Johnson was taught that knowledge and analytical thought should be discouraged in the masses.  

He performed as a club comic.  If there existed a balanced media, Johnson’s speech would receive the ridicule and dismissal it deserved in a footnote at the end of a news bulletin or on page fifteen of a newspaper.  


Brexit: Boris Johnson’s speech at Policy Exchange

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