Centrism is a con-trick

Since 12th September 2015, professional centrists in British politics have pretended to support the need for a new centrist party.  These plaintive cries have claimed to be voices of despair worried about the future of civilisation in Britain.  The result of the EU referendum gave the wailers something to grasp onto as a convenient aim – to stop Brexit – but still their cries sounded empty and false.

Is there a need for a new “centrist” party?
No, of course not.  The Labour Party occupies the political spectrum spanning the middle-point and slightly leftward with a few outliers on the right in Progress, the SNP claims to be squeezed into a centre and, apparently, the Liberal Democrats still exist.  There is not a large group of people who avoid voting until some magical centre party emerges like James Corden with an unnecessary bit part in a Hollywood movie.  Simply, there is no public demand or interest in a new centrist party.

Has the centre succeeded in elections since September 2015?
No, it has not.  In the 2017 general election the SNP lost several seats (to both Labour and Tory), the Liberal Democrats remained a minor presence and a Corbyn-led Labour took seats from the Tories.  In Northern Ireland the seats were divided in a binary way between DUP and Sinn Fein.  So, no gains, only losses, for anyone claiming to be in the centre.  Why vote for something that defines itself by what it isn’t?

Where or what is the centre?
The centre of mass of two planets – for example, Earth and Mars – is an untethered point in the vacuum of space between the planets.  A point has no mass or volume and it isn’t anywhere.  It is defined by where it isn’t not where it is and by what it isn’t not by what it is. 

Analogously, the centre of politics is equidistant between the two sides of the political spectrum: Socialism on the left and capitalism on the right; it is defined (mathematically) but consists of emptiness like the aforesaid point in space.  It isn’t anywhere and it is defined by what it isn’t not by what it is.  The centrist activists describe their anti-ideology as not the blatantly corrupt exploitation of the Tories and not Jeremy Corbyn’s tendency toward socialism.  That is, they describe a null location.

Is centrism a con?
Yes, of course it is.  Visibly, it consists of nothing, but it does have a distinct purpose.  Its purpose is to pretend to be the opposition to right-wing exploitative politics in order to distract attention from genuine opposition.  Centrists want to prevent an effective challenge to the ideological conservative destruction of society because they do not disagree with such destruction.  Centrists are useful tools for the conservatives: They occupy opposition time in parliament and in the media where they indulge in distraction pseudo-debates to reduce time available for real analysis and for dissection of conservative destruction and, at elections, the centrists steal votes for their false opposition.  The doors for conservatism and centrism lead to the same pit.

Spot the difference?

Who are the centrists’ heroes?
There are no examples of centrists in power anywhere in the world because the centrists’ depiction of centrism doesn’t exist.  However, as part of the intrinsic con, some politicians are described as centrist successes. 

Thatcherite French president Emmanuel Macron conned his way to power via the invention of a “new” political party, En Marche – Onward.  He has enacted policies that favour the financial elite including many attacks on workers’ rights and he has used racism as a tool of division – Macron on ‘civilisation’.  Macron is this century’s Norman Tebbit.  (N.B. At time of writing Norman Tebbit has yet to die – updates when necessary.)

Enfourchez votre vélo et chercher du travail

Despite the clarity of Macron’s political position prior to his election and despite the subsequent screaming demonstrations of his intent as a puppet of the financial exploitative elite, the professional centrists have pretended to acclaim him as a centrist icon who must be emulated.  The proponents of centrism have supported Macron because he is unambiguously a bog standard conservative and because he has concocted a fraudulent image of newness.  He is an example of the politics the centrists support and an example of the confidence trickery they wish to use.

Case Study

Professional sleight of hand squirrel pointer Chris Deerin of the New Statesman magazine has clumsily presented the centrist strategy of deception.  In Deerin on Macronisationism he regurgitated a list of lies and misdirections about the centre and about Macron.

With a gaping hole in the centre-ground of British politics, why not fill it?” asked Deerin.  Yes, there is a gaping hole in the centre of politics as there always has been because the centre is not a thing.  Some charlatans have taken dumps in the hole and claimed they can then see Eldorado but it remains a null location.  An unfillable hole.

Macron deliberately sought to unite centre-left and centre-right by going after the populists directly. By focusing on the hard-right Marine Le Pen and the hard-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon as his enemies, he opened up a large space in the centre which only he appeared able to fill. The En Marche!” Deerin exclaimed excitedly.  Macron is firmly positioned as a right-wing Thatcherite conservative but Deerin restated the falsehood that Macron is in some imaginary centre.  Deerin further exaggerated his blatantly dishonest depiction of the democratic political spectrum by describing a soft-left politician (Mélenchon) and an far-right extremist (Le Pen) as at similar distances from a false centre; that is, he repeated the dual con that a traditional left-of-centre socialist tendency is “far-left” and that the middle of the political spectrum is in the vicinity of Margaret Thatcher.  There are obvious candidates [for a new party] with profile on the centre-right: Anna Soubry, Nicky Morgan, Justine Greening and others.”  So, according to Deerin, a few Tory MPs are in his imaginary centre.

Deerin listed what was intended as a sequence of facts supporting a need for a new centrist party.  It was a list of embarrassing comments.

  • There are several untested arguments for a new party” is blatantly false.  The pointlessness of a non-party standing for nothing has been made clear often and the con trick of so-called centre parties has exposed itself often, most recently with the Liberal Democrats wilful enabling of Tory destruction from 2010 to 2015.
  • Nature abhors a vacuum, and the centre must, one way or another, be represented.”  Represent what, exactly?  It is representative of nothing.  It is the opposite of having a political opinion.
  • For all the votes cast last year for Labour and the Tories, voters may not behave in the same way if presented with different options.”  Labour does now have a different option and that is something the likes of Deerin are vehemently opposed to.  

To add hilarity to the stupidity Deerin concludes his justification for a new party in the vacuum of the centre by applauding the SDP: “And then there’s the SDP’s success, rather than its failure.”  Apparently, the SDP’s success is that “New Labour emerged in its intellectual wake.”  That deduction is sheer fantasy.  The SDP’s aim was to scupper Labour’s challenge to Thatcher’s Tories and to discourage Labour from moving leftward.  The only political success that the SDP can claim is that it played a willing part in maintaining the destructive Tory government.

Deerin knows that Macron is a typical pit-dwelling conservative and that is precisely the politics that Deerin wants to see prevail. 

The unfillable hole
The professional marketing team for a new centrist party in Britain have a single objective: They want to prevent a left-wing party from being elected as a government.  To achieve this aim, the charlatans describe conservatives as non-conservatives and they lie about the necessity of a political party that occupies a null position on the political spectrum.  

The centre of the political spectrum is an unfillable hole because it has null dimensions; it has no width and it has no depth.  To even describe it as having zero volume is an insult to Brahmagupta’s legacy.

Centrism is a con-trick

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