Leo Varadkar Tries To Coerce Sinn Fein Into Taking UK MPs’ Oath.

The Brexit-inspired jockeying for parliamentary majorities and associated shenanigans attained a new level of stupidity this week when unprincipled (and unelected) Taoiseach Leo Varadkar asked that the seven elected Sinn Féin representatives in Northern Ireland proclaim an oath to the British monarchy and take their seats in the Westminster parliament.  Varadkar’s suggestion mocks centuries of Irish battles for freedom and he is spitting in the faces of Irish revolutionaries.  

Post Office, Dublin, 1916

It is not just Brexit numbers in the British parliament that interests Varadkar.  He is keen to discredit Sinn Féin because the concocted government he leads at the Dáil knows that Sinn Féin are the strongest challengers to be the next Irish government: In Varadkar in The Times he claimed that Sinn Féin’s presence in the House Of Commons would “make things better for Ireland.”  Clearly, he said this to deliberately imply that their absence would have the opposite effect.  It is a cheap shot of a politician without principles.  Varadkar is a clown. 

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and Leo Varadkar


Leo Varadkar Tries To Coerce Sinn Fein Into Taking UK MPs’ Oath.

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