Treason and Patriotism In Capitalist Democracies


Treason and patriotism are inventions.  Neither patriotism nor treason has any intellectual meaning.  Philosophical alignment with a manufactured country and accompanying otherness of people from a different country are both anti-human afflictions.  

Treason and patriotism are used descriptively as tools of distraction, division and control by those in power in order to create false competition between people.  Right-wing politicians are the most likely to advocate patriotism as a state of mind but they are usually assisted by the hapless centrists.  Intelligent socialists need to refute and deny patriotism as a concept; it needs to always be exposed as a spurious construct that is designed to divide humanity to enrich a few.  In capitalist democracies, treason is entirely inapplicable to everyone apart from small elites in power in each country and their financial beneficiaries.  They can trick each other, lie to and con each other, spy on each other and steal each other secrets.  For them it is a game.  But, for everyone else, treason means absolutely nothing.  It is not the role of the public in any country to protect one gang of exploiters from another similar gang.

During wartime patriotism is a mass killer.  Planned and enacted by competing financial elites, capitalist wars feed on patriotism.  Without induced patriotism, wars would never generate popular support.  To undermine imposed conflict, people from competing countries at war should work together constantly to crush patriotism.  Rather than accept that the elite (politicians, their financial donors, royals, senior army officers, etc.) need protection from their financial competitors in other countries, the people in the countries at war should engage in relentless simultaneous treason.

Patriotism is an enemy of humanity.

Treason can be a useful tool.


Treason and Patriotism In Capitalist Democracies

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