Saudi Brutality And Tory Laughter

Crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, is enjoying a visit to Britain this week and a variety of right-wing politicians, arms dealers, royals and London-based property developers are lining up to kiss his backside. 

He and his family are very wealthy due to the abundance of fossil fuels beneath the ground in Saudi Arabia.  The Saudis ensure their unearned wealth stays in the family by governing as an extremely brutal feudal dictatorship. 

  • The people who do the actual work in the country are very lowly paid – some unpaid as slaves – and they work in unsafe, unregulated environments
  • The right to vote is only for a privileged few and the power resides with the unelected Saudi family
  • There is no political freedom of speech and no journalistic freedom of speech
  • Political activists are jailed, tortured and murdered by the state, brutally and publicly
  • Rights and freedom for women are severely restricted
  • Homosexuality is illegal
  • The Saudi military is destroying homes, school and hospitals in Yemen, killing thousands of innocent people and backing this slaughter by blockading vital food and medical supplies at sea, leading to the spread of fatal (but treatable) diseases in Yemen

None of these facets of the extreme nature of the Saudi government are a problem for the Tory government.  The Tories, as always, have just one objective: How much money can be made for the financial gangsters?  Arms manufacturers and dealers, property developers and the security industry, all of whom donate generously to the Tories and who employ them during and after their tenures as MPs, are key suppliers for the Saudi family and their associates.  The Tories are delighted to act as brokers and facilitators and they couldn’t care less about thousands of slaughtered Yemeni civilians (killed by British-made armaments) or brutal assaults on Saudi civilians (by British-trained police) or thousands of empty apartments in London (“owned” by absentee Saudi investors) while homeless Londoners die in the streets.

Tories in HoC today laughing at Saudi government’s treatment of women

For the Tories, the money is all that matters and everything else is just a joke.

Yemen, after British-trained Saudi pilots have used British-made armaments




Saudi Brutality And Tory Laughter

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