BAE Sells 48 Typhoon Jets To Kill More Yemeni Civilians

Forty-eight more Typhoon jets will be sold by BAE Systems to the Saudi Arabian government.  This is the main reason that crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is visiting Britain this week (March 2018).  The jets will be used predominantly to drop ordinance on Yemeni civilians and civilian infrastructure including homes, hospitals and schools.

The brutality of the Saudi family and their associates is extreme and unbound, both within the country and outside.  The carpet-bombing of Yemen is designed as a demonstration of ruthless unfettered power and is a message to other countries that might irk Saudi Arabia’s ire such as Qatar or Iran.  It is also a message to the people who do the work in Saudi Arabia without adequate pay – often as slaves – and in hazardous working conditions.

BAE Systems couldn’t give a damn who buys their weaponry; they would sell to ISIS or Kim Jung-Un if they could get away with it.  BAE Systems relies on death and destruction for profit.  Any peace deal anywhere in the world is bad news for them.  

The soulless Tories have no interest in whether or not Yemeni civilians are being blown up and they couldn’t care less about the feudal antiquated brutality of the Saudi government.  Every piece of fawning by Tories (and by the royals) toward bin Salman this week was work on behalf of BAE Systems.  Of course, the individual MPs are well paid by both the arms manufacturers and by the Saudi government.

Britain's newly appointed Defence Secret
(former) Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson

Given how the Tories are happy to broker huge arms deals with such a despicable government just to help the profits of arms manufacturers, it is inconceivable to think they give a damn at all about people in Britain.  They care as little about the people of Britain as they do about the people of Yemen.

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BAE Sells 48 Typhoon Jets To Kill More Yemeni Civilians

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